The Art of Letting Go


The theme of “letting go” has been popping up in my life a lot the last few weeks: themes of yoga classes, and life lessons. I had a big experience of letting go this morning, with my middle child heading on the bus for her first day of Kindergarten. My oldest daughter’s first day, I was excited and felt comfortable with going to class, and she was excited too. But, Elise, my middle child, I feel differently. See, she’s been in developmental preschool for 3 years, dealing with autism. Over the summer I feel she has regressed so much, I don’t feel as if she is ready for Kindergarten. She didn’t want to go either. I held her yesterday with tears in my eyes knowing she was going to be a big girl today, and hoped that she could make friends and be understood. Continue reading “The Art of Letting Go”

The Five States of Mind



Last week, I began a new elective class at school, Philosophy of Yoga. I’m big into philosophy, so I knew I would like this class quite a bit. I have to say, the first class was three and a half hours of intense discussion and I left with a bit of a headache. I confess towards the end I had stopped listening all together, and realized that each class will be on heavy subject matter. Although, something very interesting stuck out to me in our discussions, something I have been contemplating on all week. At the moment, it still seems abstract to me, and I am trying to figure it out and use it to my own benefit. Allow me a minute to open up to you. Continue reading “The Five States of Mind”