Embracing Your Moon Cycle (or, dealing with your period)


It’s at the doorstep. Maybe you don’t even need to mark it down, because the tell-tale signs always rear their ugly head. You’re snapping at your boss, or you’re crying over a Cheetos commercial. Your bloated as all hell and your pants don’t fit. Maybe it was the Cheetos. No, you know it’s on it’s way. Another month, another Moon cycle. She’s coming.

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The Summer Soul Reading List

It’s almost August, and if you’re finding the summer boring, or too hot and humid to venture outside, pick up a book! I’ve spent my summer this year hoarding and reading books, and I want to share a few of my favorites. All are intended to make you think, wonder, ponder and explore our human nature, the nature of our souls, and allow you to integrate the knowledge into your life and the lives of others. What is better than passing on a good book to a friend and the healing properties that come with it? Continue reading “The Summer Soul Reading List”

Nature and The Soul


We, as humans, have an innate need to spend time in nature. The lives we lead cramped up in offices or our homes, hovering over our computers, stuck in traffic all slowly drain us. Our longing of being out exploring Mother Earth increases. We may not even notice the need, but it is in each and every one of us as humans, our instincts call out for it. Not spending enough time in nature, but more time on the computer or working, begins to weaken us mentally, physically, and spiritually. If you are feeling drained, confused, depressed or burnt out, try taking a few hours hiking in the forest, or walking a botanical garden and see how you feel after. That’s what my soul needed this weekend, desperately. Continue reading “Nature and The Soul”

Small Business…Saturday.



Good morning friends and happy Saturday! Normally this is resigned for Fridays, as per the banner above, but I am out of town and this got pushed back. Regardless, we have four amazing small businesses to showcase today ranging from yoni eggs to yoga pants. So take a peek at the wholesome small businesses and take a chance on shopping small. Continue reading “Small Business…Saturday.”

Do Dreams Mean Anything?


This morning I woke up tired, fatigued, after another nights rough sleep with very vivid, strange dreams. In fact, almost every time that I dream, it is usually very vivid in it’s clarity, and makes a lasting impression. I can remember almost all of the details, and think of it throughout the day. Usually my dreams have a bad undertone to them- whether they are scary, depressing, or frightening. I don’t ride on unicorns or slide down rainbows in my dreams like some people. My mom says I dream like my father- heavy, dark and sad. Continue reading “Do Dreams Mean Anything?”

The Facets of Being Spiritual


What does being spiritual mean to you? Are you a spiritual being; or do you think you have too many of the “average person” traits to consider yourself that? Are you into the metaphysical or yoga but think that you’re “fake” because you have other sides to you that may seem superficial or petty? Maybe you feel the need to keep up a persona that isn’t fully you to attain a feeling of being spiritual. Maybe you don’t need to. Continue reading “The Facets of Being Spiritual”