The Art of Letting Go


The theme of “letting go” has been popping up in my life a lot the last few weeks: themes of yoga classes, and life lessons. I had a big experience of letting go this morning, with my middle child heading on the bus for her first day of Kindergarten. My oldest daughter’s first day, I was excited and felt comfortable with going to class, and she was excited too. But, Elise, my middle child, I feel differently. See, she’s been in developmental preschool for 3 years, dealing with autism. Over the summer I feel she has regressed so much, I don’t feel as if she is ready for Kindergarten. She didn’t want to go either. I held her yesterday with tears in my eyes knowing she was going to be a big girl today, and hoped that she could make friends and be understood. Continue reading “The Art of Letting Go”

Small Business Friday


Colin Adrian Glass

Colin Adrian Glass

Instagram: colinadrianglass

“Colin Adrian is an American born artist born in Southern California in 1976. In 1999 he moved to Brooklyn, New York. Throughout his life he has been interested in many facets of art, primarily oil painting. He discovered his love for stained glass while visiting the Marc Chagall windows in Nice, France. His stained glass pieces are typically bright and il_570xN.1299325915_hwugalive with color that will pleasantly illuminate any room or environment in which they are placed. His feather series is inspired by his upbringing in Southern California and his love for the outdoors. Each feather style is representative of a particular bird and special time in his life, his early youth.” Continue reading “Small Business Friday”

Summer Solistice


Today marks the beginning of the Summer Solstice, or Litha, in the Northern Hemisphere. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year- and the shortest night-where the northern pole of the Earth is pointing the closest to the sun as it will all year, before reversing its position heading back into the wintertime. It marks the height of warmth and sunshine, where summer fruits and vegetables are in full bloom and ripening in the heat. Litha, an ancient celebration of the Summer Solstice, is being widely celebrated today by people of many backgrounds and belief systems – so feel free to participate no matter what your beliefs are! Continue reading “Summer Solistice”

Small Businesses Friday


Happy Friday, everyone! I recently made a post on my Instagram, asking if you’d like to see reviews about small businesses that I think would really fit the theme here- businesses involved in yoga, wellness, sacred feminine, crystals, etc. The responses were an overwhelming yes! I’ve reached out and collaborated with some small businesses and brands whose products I really admire, and I am so happy to share them with you! This is will be a bi-weekly post, so you will gather a lot of wonderful little businesses under your belt to shop from! Continue reading “Small Businesses Friday”

Creating An At Home Yoga Flow

Creating An At Home Yoga Flow

Good afternoon! Today, I want to discuss how to build an at-home yoga practice. Right now, you may be used to practicing yoga from an app, or Youtube video. Or maybe you attend regular studio classes. I love practicing all of the above, but before I attended Yoga Teacher Training, I was frustrated that I couldn’t practice yoga “alone.” I craved that quiet, comfortable time with myself that a solo yoga practice brings- without other bodies around, or someone instructing me. I wanted to be the teacher and the student, in one. I wanted just me, and my mat. Continue reading “Creating An At Home Yoga Flow”

Yoga Wednesday: Wheel Pose

Yoga Wednesday: Wheel Pose

This weekend, I spent a magical time up in Sedona, practicing yoga and enjoying the company of my husband. We ventured to the top of a vortex in the area, onto some beautiful, flat red rocks overlooking the entire city and other red-rock sculptures. The
energy on top of this vortex was so wonderfully powerful, we couldn’t help but just lay Continue reading “Yoga Wednesday: Wheel Pose”