Mercury Retrograde


Another Mercury Retrograde is upon us, and I don’t know about you, but I can already feel that heavy energy. Or, maybe you sitting here wondering “What the heck is a Mercury Retrograde?” A Mercury Retrograde is where the planet Mercury, for a three week period, appears to be moving backwards in the sky. Star-gazers have been watching this for millennia. The effects of a retrograde are universal it seems, and if you begin to look at patterns of your life up against a calendar of retrogrades, you may find a pattern along with your frustrations. Continue reading “Mercury Retrograde”

Red Moon in Aquarius


Thankfully we had a soft, tranquil transition throughout the new moon this August, because we will really have needed it with the full moon coming. This full moon in Aquarius, the Red Moon, is going to be intense, shaky, and perhaps life-altering. Under this new moon, things will come to an end, adding in room for new beginnings. Full moons are usually filled with energy, but with an upcoming eclipse, we are doubling up on that fiery energy. Oh- let’s add to that- August 13th starts another Mercury Retrograde.  Go ahead and take a deep inhale, open mouth exhale. Good. Continue reading “Red Moon in Aquarius”

Embracing Your Moon Cycle (or, dealing with your period)


It’s at the doorstep. Maybe you don’t even need to mark it down, because the tell-tale signs always rear their ugly head. You’re snapping at your boss, or you’re crying over a Cheetos commercial. Your bloated as all hell and your pants don’t fit. Maybe it was the Cheetos. No, you know it’s on it’s way. Another month, another Moon cycle. She’s coming.

Continue reading “Embracing Your Moon Cycle (or, dealing with your period)”

Full Moon in Capricorn

moon+magic+banner+2.pngTake a nice deep inhale through the nose, open mouth exhale with a nice, long sigh. Again inhale through the nose, rounding the belly, big and beautiful. Travel the breath up through the lungs, to the top of the throat, and hold. And exhale alllllll the way down, bringing navel to spine. Now you’re ready for your Monday morning. Continue reading “Full Moon in Capricorn”

New Moon in Cancer


The new moon is upon us in a few days, this month the new moon is in Cancer. As always, the new moon is a time of rest and rejuvenation, a moment in the month to reflect on all that has been accomplished, and a time to soak it in. The time of introversion and a focus on self care has peaked. Allow yourself to jump head first into this YOU time, remembering that self-care isn’t selfish. Do what your body is telling you it needs, and allow this to be a time where you put yourself above anything else. Continue reading “New Moon in Cancer”

Following the Moon Phases

Following the Moon Phases

The moon has a strong affect on our everyday world. From our tides and oceans, to our emotions and actions. Most people go about their day and their month unaware of what phase the moon is in, and how it is affecting and directing their life. They may be blissfully unaware of the fact that the full moon is making their emotions more intense, or that the new moon is causing them to feel withdrawn and introspective. We all know the ocean affects the tides, and being made of 75% water, wouldn’t it make sense that the moon has a large pull on us, as well? Continue reading “Following the Moon Phases”

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Friday night marks the Full moon in Sagittarius, also known as the Strawberry moon, or the Strong Sun moon. The moon will peak on Friday, June 9th at 9:10 am EST.  This full moon will be strong with intense energy, optimism, and crystal clear seeing. After a more subtle full moon in the month of May, June’s full moon is a burst of intense energy that may be a bit of a shock to the system. Gather your bearings, hold on and ride the waves of this months strong energy to the gifts it can provide in your life. Continue reading “Full Moon in Sagittarius”