Small Business Friday


Above are some small shops and companies that I am adoring right now! All have graciously collaborated with me and I cannot wait to show you their cool and unique products, so lets begin!


  1. Goddess Provisions

This the end all be all subscription box for Goddesses everywhere! Goddess Provisions sends out monthly boxes of everything you need and things you didn’t even know that you needed. Each box is filled with a variety of items including essential oils, crystals, healthy snacks, and more. They collaborate with small businesses that offer wonderful metaphysical products, so each box has items from these small businesses, and when you purchase, you make a small business owner VERY happy while making a difference. Each month has a different theme, and the theme of the box that was sent to me was a Summer Roadtrip box. Inside was a beautiful sticker, calming drops, delicious hair oil, palo santo with palo santo oil, scrumptious almonds, and an air freshener for the car! The best part? Each box is only $33 dollars so you are really surpassing the price with the value of the items inside.

2. Arielle Coree Co.

Arielle Coree Co. just started making beautiful wearable gear, and I couldn’t be more excited! Arielle has a whole variety of different shirts, long sleeve and short sleeve, with an array of different sayings and slogans. I was certainly drawn to the “Watch Me Rise” long sleeve shirt with a cute sunrise in the background. It was so cozy and comfortable I threw it on the minute it arrived, wearing it to school that evening, and a friend asked me that first night where she could get one! Look through Arielle’s shop to find other awesome shirts with slogans such as “Rise. Bloom. Thrive.” and “The Golden Light in me Honors the Golden Light in You.”

4.  Real Underwear

Real Underwear graciously sent me a variety of their new products from their Bare line, and it’s seriously as if I was wearing nothing while still being completely supported. Their Bare line is so soft, smooth and thin it’s as if I  was naked, while still maintaining wonderful quality and sexiness. They sent me a pair of panties, a bra, and two bodysuits that are perfect under a dress, under yoga clothes, or for a sexy night with a loved one. Just feeling the smoothness of their products is enough to feel sexy, and they form fit and look beautiful on.  If you are in need of bras, panties, or shape wear, certainly check out the Real Underwear Bare line and rock your beautiful femininity!

4. SuperFoods

Super Foods makes and sells healthy powders for your every need. Whether that be energy, glowing skin, muscle building or just a healthy green mix, they have you covered. Super Foods graciously sent me their Chocolate Lovers and Energy Bomb. Since receiving it I have added one or the other into my smoothie each day. I am always ready for some chocolate, and mixing their Chocolate Lovers with a banana and some PB2 powder is heavenly. Their Energy Bomb replaces my morning coffee at times, it gives me the energy and stamina I need to teach yoga and chase after three kids each day. Im anxious to try their Forever Beautiful powder which supports healthy skin and hair!


5. Gaia Collective

Gaia Collective is the box for all Moon Lovers. Each monthly box celebrates a new moon cycle, and their boxes are tailored around the theme of that moon. This month they kindly sent me the August Box, which was the Red Moon. Within the box you receive 3 crystals, an essential oil blend, a featured item, a guided full moon ritual, moon oracle card, a guided meditation, and a tea blend! Thats alot of items for $29 dollars a  month, and the items within are made with love and beautiful quality! After receiving my box I was really pleased with set up of the rituals and meditation, and how everything can be used together to honor ourselves, our cycles, and the moon and her cycles. If you are an avid moon lover like myself, don’t skip out on this beautiful monthly box.

6.House of Good Juju

Thank goodness for House of Good Juju right now under this Mercury Retrograde! House of Good Juju sent me their Mercury Retrograde Relief mist, which is infused with aquamarine, obsidian and flourite. Each bottle is blessed with “Om Aim Bum Budhaya Namaha” mantra. Pronunciation: Om Bood-hah-yah Nahm-ah-ha. This translates as “Om and salutations to the presiding spirit of Mercury”. Aim is the bija mantra of Saraswati – the feminine personification of the arts, music, and knowledge of all kinds, and it denotes the power of articulation, guiding and teaching, which are all functions of Mercury. The mists are then bathed in Moon Energy! The mist smells amazing, like a powdery calm that washes over you when you spray it. Since the Retrograde, I have been spraying this mist throughout my house, especially concentrated in my bedroom, and as well as all my yoga classes and I feel the relief!

7.Join Crystal Coven

Crystal Coven sent me two of their beautiful, hand made unique jewelry pieces- one shark tooth ring, and a custom made bracelet hand stamped “The Wild Feminine.” I was in love with it immediately! The bracelets are made of  brass and are made to order with whatever custom slogan or name you had in mind. Maybe you want to wear your brand or page with pride on your arm, you can get a few of these made up for the wearing! Crystal Coven has a wide variety of other jewelry pieces, including bracelets, rings, and earrings and all have a metaphysical feel to the pieces!

8. Your Best Sanctuary

Your Best Sanctuary is based out of Spain, and makes the most adorable feminine art pieces which are to be worn as jewelry. Specializing in making vulva pieces, the owner Carla sculpts the vulvas out of clay, and adds adorable little details. You can find her art work in the link above, and check out her other clay pieces too! You can find many pieces to celebrate your sacred femininity, honor yourself, and get in touch with the woman within. Wear with pride, too! Open yourself up to celebrating your yoni, as unique as each of these pendants.


9. HairStory

Hairstory is making waves with their new haircare line! We have all heard of the “no poo” system of not shampooing the hair, and I was especially interested as my hair tends to get dry and course. Short of dowsing my hair in apple cider vinegar, when I came across this brand I was seriously interested! Hair Story graciously sent me their entire product line- and I am in love and may never shampoo again! The New Wash gets the hair seriously clean, staying soft without the use of conditioner. It smells wonderful too, like a beauty walk through an herb garden, earthy yet clean and fresh. Their other products are amazing too, my favorite being the hair lotion for when I want an extra shot of moisture for the hair! Are you brave enough to take the hair challenge and ditch your shampoo?

Tapping Into your Intuition (Hey Sigmund)



We all know that nagging feeling that lurks within the stomach, tickling and signaling your brain to something you feel is or isn’t right. It’s that first, initial gut feeling that is often overruled by the powers of  thought in the brain. That “gut feeling” is your intuition, the higher part of you that knows the correct answer, though we don’t always listen to it. In my Yoga Philosophy class, my teacher mentioned how your intuition will never lead you astray, your heart doesn’t know how to lie.

I had an experience yesterday where I ignored my intuition. Without going into too much detail due to the personal privacy of another, I was tempted to make small talk with a woman I encounter often at a store I frequent. My intuition gave me a feeling not to bring up something during our small talk, I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be right. After a few moment of awkward silence I brought it up out of needing to fill the silence.  It wasn’t anything that was wrong to mention, but I sensed the despair on her face, and I knew immediately I shouldn’t have said anything. Let me clarify: it wasn’t anything someone else wouldn’t make small talk about, but we can’t always anticipate the grief and loss that another has gone through. I was amazed at the lesson I had learned when I ignored those initial feelings.

To get a better sense on what intuition is, quoting from Hey Sigmund

“Intuition: We’ve all heard of it, but what is it?

Researchers at Leeds University analysed a hefty pile of research papers on intuition. They concluded that intuition is a very real psychological process where the brain uses past experiences and cues from the self and the environment to make a decision. The decision happens so quickly that it doesn’t register on a conscious level.

Intuition exists in all of us, whether we acknowledge it or not. The more we can learn about it, the more we can use it to shape our lives for the better.

The human brain has two ‘operating systems’. The first is quick, instinctual and effortless. This is where our intuition lies. Intuition works by drawing on patterns collected by our experience and when we have to make a quick decision about whether something is real, fake, feels good, feels bad, right or wrong, we draw on these patterns.  It all happens ‘offline’, outside our conscious awareness.

The second operating system is slower to respond. It’s more analytical and deliberate and it’s conscious.

Sharpening Your Intuition

Every person on the planet has intuition but not every person listens chooses to listen to it.

Intuition is the way the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind. The information that informs ‘that feeling’ is real. It’s like any other decision but the workings of it – the collection, the storage, the putting together – happen outside of our conscious mind. 

So intuition is a brilliant thing. The sharper it is, the better off you’ll be. Here’s how to feed yours so it’s flourishing and ready to advise …

  1. Shhh. Listen.

    It’s sounds simple enough – and it is. No tricks here. Your intuition can’t talk to you if you’re not listening. When you start to take notice, good things will happen. Just try it and see.

  2. Trust your gut feeling.

    When a word like ‘gut’ teams up with a word like ‘feeling’, you know there has to be a good reason. And there is. Research suggests that emotion and intuition have a physical presence in our gut. The gut is lined with a network of neurons and is often referred to as the ‘second brain.’ It’s known as the enteric nervous system (ENS) and it contains about 100 million neurons, which is more than the spinal chord and peripheral nervous system but less than the brain. This is why we get ‘sick’ about having to make a tough decision or knowing we’ve made a bad one.

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  3. Feel.

    You’ll know your intuition is there because you’ll be able to feel it – if you let yourself. You’ll feel it in your belly and it will goosebump your skin, send a shiver down your spine, race your heart and quicken your breath. Sometimes it’s even more subtle and the only way to describe it as a ‘knowing’.  You’ll feel when something is right – it will feel clear, nourishing and enriching. And you’ll feel when something is off – for me it’s an ache or a flattening. Trusting your intuition might be difficult at first if you’re not used to it, but give it time and trust it bit by bit, if that feels better. It will be worth it.

  4. Be ready to let bad feelings go.

    Negative emotions wil cloud intuition, which is why when you’re angry or depressed bad decisions can happen so easily. Research has backed this, finding that people made better intuitive choices in a word task when they were in a positive mood as compared to when they were in a negative mood.

  5. Be deliberate about the people you hang on to.

    People who drain you will add to the noise and make it more difficult to hear what your intuition wants you to hear. Chances are that you already know how they are. If not, be still for a moment – your intuition will be trying to tell you. Keep people who enrich and empower you and walk away from those who drain you. Understandably, you can’t always walk away from the troublesome ones and if that’s the case, empower yourself by making it your decision to stay, rather than not theirs because they’ve taken your choice. The difference is subtle in language but big in impact. One lets the power stay with you, one gives it over to them.

  6. Pay attention to what’s going on around you.

    The more information you are able to gather from the environment, the more the intuitive, subconscious part of your brain has to work with – and the more accurately it will inform your decisions.

  7. Connect with others.

    There are so many things that inform our opinions and decisions other than speech. Tone, volume of speech, body language, gestures – they all contribute to the meaning we give to our interactions with people. Sometimes, we have a feeling about people but can’t quite put a finger on what it is. People might seem distant, distracted, uninterested, and often these aren’t spoken but are ‘picked up’ through in different ways. The ability to pick up on the thoughts, feelings and intentions of others is referred to as ‘empathic accuracy’. The more time we spend with people, the more we can finely tune or empathic accuracy. Being able to pick on the signals of others will all add to intuition.

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  8. Find time to be silent and still.

    Having solitude turns down the clamour of the world and allows you to tune in to your intuition. Our intuition is always sending warnings and encouragement but often we are too busy to notice. Let your mind wander and be open to what comes to you – feelings, thoughts or words. One of the ways to do this is through mindfulness. By focusing your thoughts on your own experience in the present moment, mindfulness gets rid of mental clutter and makes way for you to connect with your intuition.

  9. Use your dream time well. 

    Dreams are the brain’s way of processing information that’s left over from the day. They are rich with valuable data – experiences, memories, learnings – so they can work hard if we let them. Paying attention to dreams can provide information that we may not have access due when we are awake. Before you fall asleep, turn your thoughts to any unresolved issues or problems. Think about possible options or resolutions as you’re falling asleep. Close your eyes and let your brain do the rest.”

Love and Light.



Womb Healing with Yoni Eggs


Have you heard of a yoni egg, or a jade egg? “Yoni” is a Sanskrit word, defined as “the vulva, especially as a symbol of divine procreative energy conventionally represented by a circular stone.” It is an ancient Chinese custom among high society women, who knew the secrets of inserting a crystal, most commonly Jade, egg within the vaginal canal. This has been proven useful for thousands of years, with many benefits for both the physical and energetic bodies.  According to Secrets of Jade, “The use of a Jade egg to strengthen the vagina is a Taoist practice that evolved from ancient China. Legend has it that the secret was kept in the Royal Palace and taught only to the queen and mistresses of the most powerful nobles. It was believed that women who mastered the Jade Egg techniques would maintain their youthful beauty, vitality and sexuality as they matured into old age.”

Continue reading “Womb Healing with Yoni Eggs”

Mercury Retrograde


Another Mercury Retrograde is upon us, and I don’t know about you, but I can already feel that heavy energy. Or, maybe you sitting here wondering “What the heck is a Mercury Retrograde?” A Mercury Retrograde is where the planet Mercury, for a three week period, appears to be moving backwards in the sky. Star-gazers have been watching this for millennia. The effects of a retrograde are universal it seems, and if you begin to look at patterns of your life up against a calendar of retrogrades, you may find a pattern along with your frustrations. Continue reading “Mercury Retrograde”

The Art of Letting Go


The theme of “letting go” has been popping up in my life a lot the last few weeks: themes of yoga classes, and life lessons. I had a big experience of letting go this morning, with my middle child heading on the bus for her first day of Kindergarten. My oldest daughter’s first day, I was excited and felt comfortable with going to class, and she was excited too. But, Elise, my middle child, I feel differently. See, she’s been in developmental preschool for 3 years, dealing with autism. Over the summer I feel she has regressed so much, I don’t feel as if she is ready for Kindergarten. She didn’t want to go either. I held her yesterday with tears in my eyes knowing she was going to be a big girl today, and hoped that she could make friends and be understood. Continue reading “The Art of Letting Go”

Small Business Friday


Colin Adrian Glass

Colin Adrian Glass

Instagram: colinadrianglass

“Colin Adrian is an American born artist born in Southern California in 1976. In 1999 he moved to Brooklyn, New York. Throughout his life he has been interested in many facets of art, primarily oil painting. He discovered his love for stained glass while visiting the Marc Chagall windows in Nice, France. His stained glass pieces are typically bright and il_570xN.1299325915_hwugalive with color that will pleasantly illuminate any room or environment in which they are placed. His feather series is inspired by his upbringing in Southern California and his love for the outdoors. Each feather style is representative of a particular bird and special time in his life, his early youth.” Continue reading “Small Business Friday”

Red Moon in Aquarius


Thankfully we had a soft, tranquil transition throughout the new moon this August, because we will really have needed it with the full moon coming. This full moon in Aquarius, the Red Moon, is going to be intense, shaky, and perhaps life-altering. Under this new moon, things will come to an end, adding in room for new beginnings. Full moons are usually filled with energy, but with an upcoming eclipse, we are doubling up on that fiery energy. Oh- let’s add to that- August 13th starts another Mercury Retrograde.  Go ahead and take a deep inhale, open mouth exhale. Good. Continue reading “Red Moon in Aquarius”