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Native Holistics

My affinity with plants and nature has always been apart of me. In the last few years as the universe would have it a new journey has led me into studying a BHSc in Naturopathy, Reiki and Aromatherapy. I adore learning about mythology, botany, crystals, drawing and most of all manufacturing anything and everything!
A love of eating a whole food diet, predominately plant based which has led me into designing products that were compatible for everyone, vegan and non vegans.“- Hin Hemera, Owner of Native Holistics. Continue reading “Small Business Segment”

Womb Healing with Yoni Eggs


Have you heard of a yoni egg, or a jade egg? “Yoni” is a Sanskrit word, defined as “the vulva, especially as a symbol of divine procreative energy conventionally represented by a circular stone.” It is an ancient Chinese custom among high society women, who knew the secrets of inserting a crystal, most commonly Jade, egg within the vaginal canal. This has been proven useful for thousands of years, with many benefits for both the physical and energetic bodies.  According to Secrets of Jade, “The use of a Jade egg to strengthen the vagina is a Taoist practice that evolved from ancient China. Legend has it that the secret was kept in the Royal Palace and taught only to the queen and mistresses of the most powerful nobles. It was believed that women who mastered the Jade Egg techniques would maintain their youthful beauty, vitality and sexuality as they matured into old age.”

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Colin Adrian Glass

Colin Adrian Glass

Instagram: colinadrianglass

“Colin Adrian is an American born artist born in Southern California in 1976. In 1999 he moved to Brooklyn, New York. Throughout his life he has been interested in many facets of art, primarily oil painting. He discovered his love for stained glass while visiting the Marc Chagall windows in Nice, France. His stained glass pieces are typically bright and il_570xN.1299325915_hwugalive with color that will pleasantly illuminate any room or environment in which they are placed. His feather series is inspired by his upbringing in Southern California and his love for the outdoors. Each feather style is representative of a particular bird and special time in his life, his early youth.” Continue reading “Small Business Friday”

Crystal Monday and Exciting News

Crystal Monday and Exciting News

Good evening! Before we get to Crystal Monday, I wanted to share some exciting and brief news with you all. I have added a services page to this blog, that outlines what my services are, and how much they cost. For the brand new debut, I wanted to offer 50% off for the rest of the week on all my services. Please contact me through the contact page if interested! Continue reading “Crystal Monday and Exciting News”

Crystal Monday: Fluorite

Crystal Monday: Fluorite

For the weekly crystal post, I want to talk about one of my very favorites, and also one of the first crystals I ever owned. A few years ago, when my interests were expanding into the metaphysical world, I stepped foot into this beautiful store in Flagstaff, Arizona, with a limited budget. I needed something that would cheer up my day, provide beautiful healing potential, but still fit in my pocket. And then I stumbled on the fluorite display. Continue reading “Crystal Monday: Fluorite”

Crystals Monday: Smokey Quartz

There are two stones that I am always drawn to the minute I enter a crystal store. Those are moonstone, and smokey quartz. I know many people are drawn to the bright colors of azurite or malachite, the deep purples of amethyst, or the popping hues of calcite. But for me, the subtleness but deep powerful energy coming from both moonstone and smokey quartz just draw me in like a magnet. In fact, lately, I’ve noticed that about 3/4 of all the stones I have brought home lately have been smokey quartz. Continue reading “Crystals Monday: Smokey Quartz”