Spiritual Baths



Like many people, you probably enjoy taking a nice, luxurious, warm bath at the end of the evening. I know that I do! In fact, it’s one of my favorite daily activities, and if it doesn’t happen at least once a day, something feels off. But, how much thought and effort are you putting into these baths? Maybe you’re like me, and don’t add much effort at all. I  run my bath to the desired temperature, hop it, sit around for 15 minutes playing on my phone, hop out and that’s a wrap. So, what’s the point? Well, have you ever had a spiritual bath? Continue reading “Spiritual Baths”

Embracing Your Moon Cycle (or, dealing with your period)


It’s at the doorstep. Maybe you don’t even need to mark it down, because the tell-tale signs always rear their ugly head. You’re snapping at your boss, or you’re crying over a Cheetos commercial. Your bloated as all hell and your pants don’t fit. Maybe it was the Cheetos. No, you know it’s on it’s way. Another month, another Moon cycle. She’s coming.

Continue reading “Embracing Your Moon Cycle (or, dealing with your period)”

Small Business…Saturday.



Good morning friends and happy Saturday! Normally this is resigned for Fridays, as per the banner above, but I am out of town and this got pushed back. Regardless, we have four amazing small businesses to showcase today ranging from yoni eggs to yoga pants. So take a peek at the wholesome small businesses and take a chance on shopping small. Continue reading “Small Business…Saturday.”

The Facets of Being Spiritual


What does being spiritual mean to you? Are you a spiritual being; or do you think you have too many of the “average person” traits to consider yourself that? Are you into the metaphysical or yoga but think that you’re “fake” because you have other sides to you that may seem superficial or petty? Maybe you feel the need to keep up a persona that isn’t fully you to attain a feeling of being spiritual. Maybe you don’t need to. Continue reading “The Facets of Being Spiritual”

Making Friendships in a Superficial World


Chances are if you’re here reading this you’re a part of the metaphysical community, whether that’s expressed through crystals, yoga, card reading, or a combination of many things. Chances are if you’re a part of the metaphysical community, which is small in comparison to many other forms of communities, you have a sense that you are a bit different compared to others. Maybe you’re an empath, have had a spiritual awakening, or are on a spiritual path that has shifted your mind towards more important things than  the very self centered, materialistic world we live in. If you’re feeling different, and in turn that makes you feel a little bit lonely, keep reading because this is for you. Continue reading “Making Friendships in a Superficial World”

Small Business Friday


Happy Friday everyone! I have four more small businesses that I would love to share with all of you. They range from clothing to vitamins to skincare- and all have been absolutely wonderful to work with, and it has been a joy exploring their company, histories, and products. So, let’s get to it! Continue reading “Small Business Friday”

Embracing Vulnerability and the Raw & Real Project

Vulnerability is such a scary word, isn’t it? Putting yourself out there in such a raw way, allowing whatever may happen, to happen. Allowing yourself to feel your emotions in such a deep way, not only with yourself but whomever you chose to share that vulnerability with. It’s a moment in time where things are actually authentic. That’s such a rare thing in our society these days, where we have social media and all that comes along with it. You can’t be sure what’s real or true these days through the lens and filters of Facebook or Instagram. People love to show their highest and most proud moments, but usually don’t dare to show their moments of being human- full of emotion, insecurity, or authenticity with others. Continue reading “Embracing Vulnerability and the Raw & Real Project”