Soothing the Soul, Connecting with the Earth


Life is made of cycles- start, middle, end. Birth, growth, death. Sprout, bloom, wither. It’s an inevitable, and beautiful, process what we see amongst everything on living on this earth. The birth, rise, and fall of a cycle of life is the epitome of nature, and something to celebrate with each stage. Participating in the life of other living things is a special gift we receive- from children, animals, friends, plants, and more. Being an active participant in the life of another by watching them grow into themselves, tending to their needs Tune into how special this gift is next time you see a birds nest with tiny eggs within, or visit an older relative who wants to share and relive their life stories with you.

I adore nurturing things- and until recently, plants just weren’t my thing. I adored them from afar- noticing their beauty and honoring their ability to nurture us while we nurture them in return. I had a brown thumb, and quite honestly, a bit of that brown remains today. But, I’ve always had this nagging dream of one day owning land and cultivating a huge garden of veggies and a separate garden of flowers. That dream is far in the distance (retirement, I await you!) and I currently live in the middle of the suburbs of one of the hottest places in America- Phoenix, Arizona. Growing anything but cactus is a daunting task, but one I wanted to risk. I saved some money, and purchased a two-boxed raised garden bed, a boat-load of soil, and a few tiny plants and threw myself into a new hobby. And now, it’s an important part of my life.

There’s something about digging in some dirt that soothes your soul. It’s a shower of refreshment to be out in the grass without shoes, loving and talking to your plants, and eventually reaping the rewards of what you had sown. I’ve come to welcome scary looking bugs into my life, seeing a spider yesterday and thinking, “Well, aren’t you kinda cute, little garden helper!” instead of “Holy shit it’s a god damn spider!” and setting the whole garden of fire. My tiny little suburban garden has lifted my spirits by connecting me back to my mother, the Earth. I’ve begun a tiny compost to help my garden while doing my part to honor the Earth in return.

Gardening does not only help soothe the soul, calm the nerves, and a perfect way to relax after a hard day- it also has a healthy benefit on the body. The microbes in the soul do a world of good to help strength your immune system and defenses. Again, that beautiful cycle of us nurturing the Earth, the Earth nurturing us in return. You’ll grow as your plants grow, a round and round cycle.


How do you honor the Earth? How do you find peace in the ordinary? Tell us in the comments.

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