Searching for a Sign



Humans look for answers everywhere. We ask for signs, look to the stars, pray to whomever we feel should be prayed to, cry out to the universe, look in tea leaves, shuttle off to church, ask friends, ask strangers, ask the internet. We know that we don’t have all the answers in life, and we need advice from someone or something with more wisdom, who may have the answers. We often get stuck at a fork in the road, and while we solely have to choose a direction to go, we could always use the advice of others. For me, I used to be the kind of person who would run to friends and family, verbally vomit my troubles all over them, and then demand they make a decision for me as I was “incapable” of doing so myself. Does this sound relatable? It takes a sincere effort, built up confidence, and so much clarity to begin trusting yourself to make the right choices. But, what if something could offer you advice, nonbiased, and help you look outside the box of your normal thinking?

That’s why I turn to either Tarot or Oracle cards, and honestly, I am fond of both evenly. Tarot and Oracle cards won’t tell you your future, but they can offer you another way to look at a situation you’re dealing with. Perhaps you’re dealing with a new partner and you’re looking for clarity on the potential of this relationship. You ask the cards “Is there potential here with ____?” Perhaps you pull the Two of Cups. Knowing the meaning of the Two of Cups, it could look like this new partner may have long term potential with a serious commitment. Perhaps now, you find that you’d like to open up a bit more openly with this new person, and have a willingness to put your true self up to the plate and offer more of your heart. Or, on the flip side, perhaps you pull Three of Swords- this shows that there could be a possible heartbreak with this person, so perhaps now you choose to tread more carefully with this partner.

With Oracle cards I often ask direct questions when I pull one, but I also pull one card a day with the question “What general information do I need to know about today?” I love starting my day out this way, as it gives me a general direction of how my day may proceed and then gives me time to reflect on how I could enhance my day, or embrace it the way it is. For example, this morning I used my Shamanic Healing deck, and ask the question of “What do I need to know for today?” I pulled the Perception card. Well, today I  have been dealing with a company that I feel has treated me unfairly and it’s been bugging me. This card offer me to open my perception, and look at their point of view as well so I may get a more well rounded view of the situation. This offers me the clarity of looking at anyone else point of view during the day in case I encounter a conflict, or situation with someone else. I have a general idea on what I should keep in mind for the day, and that allows me a lot of reflection. And tomorrow, I do it over again with a new thought in my mind which offers me a new reflection.

It is perfectly acceptable to admit that you may need help in making decisions, or needing general advice from another source. There are so many ways to do this, and this is just one recommendation to try out. Perhaps it will bring you much needed guidance and helps you sort of the dealings of your mind, or maybe it’s not for you. You won’t know until you try and step out of the box.


I offer tarot and oracle readings daily, and offer specials occasionally throughout the week, so if you need general advice of have a burning question, feel free to contact me at



One thought on “Searching for a Sign

  1. HippieBea~ Rev GreyHawk says:

    My tried and true deck is the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson. I have had this deck for many Moons and whether I am reading for myself, drawing a daily card or reading for another (whether in person or remotely) they ALWAYS have messages for ALL. Great post!! Thanks


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