The Concept of Hygge



This is a word that has been trending around social media, and let me be the first to say, I don’t particularly pay much attention to what is trending and why. About a year ago, I was quite intrigued when I first saw the word hygge, mainly because I asked myself “How on earth do I say that?” (the answer is HUE-GUH). Accompanied with the article where I first saw the word, were Christmas stockings, a fireplace with a crackling fire, and a warm cup of hot cocoa. This warm coziness caught my attention, and hooked me into the reading the article. After that, all I could do was research more and more about hygge, as this is the key to why the Danish people are the happiest people in the world. And if they know the key, I want a part of it.

Hygge is a Danish concept and word, which means to acknowledge the feeling of a moment, as something special that warms you from the inside out. There is no literal translation into the English language, and the closest word is cozy or charming. These special moments can be noticed with friends or family, or even alone either at home or out in public. It is a special moment when it hits you that everything is alright in the world, and in that moment, there is no worry or care. It’s just that moment, with those friends or that warm blanket by the fire, and that’s all you need to find contentment. It’s true that hygge is a quick, fleeting moment- but that’s the joy of it. It’s fleeting, and to feel it in that moment makes it’s so extra special. If every moment was of perfect contentness, there would be nothing special about, well, anything.

nRPpjqiHygge can be found at any moment, in any season, in any part of the world. That being said, it is especially found on cold winter days. Gathering with your friends in a dimly lit, heated pub, on a cold winter’s night with wine and jazz playing softly can be a moment of hygge.  The moment you feel that chill on your arm and up your spine, and you say to yourself, “this is it. This is all I need.” That tender moment cuddled in a large knitted blanket with your dog, a good book, and a warm cup of tea. The feeling of entering the cool sea on a warm summer’s day, washing off the sticky sweetness of a juicy fruit. In these moments, we can find hygge.


Below are a few simple tricks to bring more feelings of hygge into your life and home:


  • Add the warm flicker of candles throughout your space. The dim light adds a soft, fuzzy feeling to the atmosphere.
  • Bring nature inside. Gather firewood, tree branches, or dainty spring flowers to decorate your home.
  • Warm drinks- tea, coffee, hot cocoa, water with lemon.
  • Knitted warmth- cover yourself with a large knitted blanket, warm cozy socks, or a large oversized sweater.
  • Enjoy a sweet treat. Don’t restrict yourself so much that you can’t splurge and savor that piece of cake or sweet bread.
  • Gather with friends. Be sociable. Host charming dinner parties or potlucks.


What are your favorite moments when you realize you understand the meaning of hygge? Tell us in the comments.

One thought on “The Concept of Hygge

  1. BlissfullyGrateful says:

    Loved to read this post! thanks for the tricks too! I have been super curious about the concept “Hygge” every since the first time I heard of it. Soon I want to buy the book “The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living”. You have probably heard of it already! Going to a nice and cozy cafe, have a cappuccino or a cup of tea whilst doing some journalling is what “Hygge” means to me 🙂


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