Getting Sensual: Chakra Intimates

As a woman, I love to feel sexy- but truthfully, I don’t always feel that way. Some days I am more bloated than other days, or maybe I have put on a few pounds, or my skin is sort of dull. Ideally, these things wouldn’t bother me, and I would always feel like a bad-ass babe feeling sexy all the time, but we know that isn’t realistic. Sometimes these things just get us down, and exploring new ways to embrace oursexiness despite these feelings are really needed. Does this sound familiar to you? One of my favorite ways to really get into that sexy feeling is wearing lingerie. There is something about lingerie that makes me feel so feminine, womanly and completely sensual. Everyone has different styles of lingerie that works for them- whether that’s neon pink thongs or a beautiful silk vintage nightgown- but what I do know, is the classic shapes in classic colors are always in style, always sexy, and always a mood-booster.



Five Ways to Boost Your Mood-

  1. Dance– Put that sexy lingerie on, put on a fast paced song (or a so

    IMG_0624ft, slow melody) and dance alone to the beat. Feel the sway of your hips, the shake of the flesh of the bottom, the feel on your skin as you sway through the air. Notice the sensations and focus on how they make you feel.

  2. Write-  Take out a piece of notebook paper or your bound journal, and write down the sexiest words you know. Caress, Embrace, Sensual, Stroke, etc. Now, as you have your words begin to form them into sentences about yourself. Just notice where this goes, and allow the words to flow freely.
  3. Lotion or Oil– Warm up a bottle of lotion in some hot water, or some beautiful smelling oils, and beginning at the feet and  moving up the legs, massage the oil into the skin. Again, notice the sensations and how it feels on your skin. Work it up to the stomach, noticing the shape of the tummy and embracing it, up to the breasts and spend some extra time here. Rub the oil into the breasts, and feel the sensual nature of this act.
  4. Take A Bath- Nothing is more sensual than a lover drawing you a bath. So, draw your own! Draw it exactly as you’d like your lover to- salts, oils, candles, herbs. Anything that makes you feel beautiful. Allow yourself to soak for 20 minutes and notice the warmth on the skin.
  5. Lingerie- I’ll bring this one up again, as it truly is one of my favorites. I love to don a sexy black nightgown, and a lacy bra. It doesn’t matter how my body looks in it, because each hill of flesh and each rounded area is gorgeous in it’s own way. The lingerie just enhances that. Look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself a few loving words.

Chakra Intimates: Spiritual and Sexy

There is a wonderful company that I have been infatuated with on  Instagram that embraces the art of sensuality and spirituality, and rolls it into one. As two of my favorite things, I was immediately drawn into their creations: beautiful, classic lingerie with reiki infused stones sewn into the garments. Chakra Intimates offers a huge variety of shapes and styles of lingerie- bras, panties, boy-shorts, nighties, robes and more- that will suit any body of any size. I was ecstatic when they wanted to collaborate with me, and I couldn’t want to try out their products!

I tried out two products from their line: The Harmony Bra and the Grace Chemise. The word chemise is so beautiful on it’s own, isn’t it? Just saying it makes me feel sexier. The Grace Chemise is an inviting nightie that has a beautiful lace trim, and in the center of the breast area is a stitched Tiger’s Eye stone. Tiger’s Eye activates the solar plexus, which enables you to stand in your own power and embrace yourself AND your sexiness.  It helps to release fear and promote positivity. The stone is infused with reiki, which amplifies the vibration of the stone and makes wearing this nightie not just sexy, but powerful and a spiritual experience which enhances the wearer’s vibrations as well as being transferred to any lover nearby. Oh, and did I mention it is silky smooth and soft? Wearing it made me feel so luscious. And my husband certainly felt that way, as well.


The Harmony Bra is one that even Emma Watson is a fan of! She showcased it in a magazine about what was in her closet- and well, if it’s good enough for BELLE it’s certainly good enough for me. I love that it’s lacy as well as supportive- the band across the bottom offers a lot of support for women with any breast shape or size. And stitched into the breast bone area of the bra, are two tourmalated quartz. Tourmalated quartz opens and balances the heart chakra, and invites forgiveness. Wearing this bra daily, and allowing the quartz to sit on the heart offers so many benefits and a peaceful feeling of love, comfort and forgiveness. Allowing the soft fabric to caress your skin, your breasts, and your heart center offers the feeling of safety to open into your sensuality.


If you’d like to check out these eco-friendly options to add to your lingerie collection, click here to shop. Add the keyword “Dani” into the discount bar to receive 10% off your purchase!

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