Health Benefits of True, Raw Chocolate


Chocolate is my favorite food. It’s my go to for cravings, when I need to “emotionally eat,” and around my moon-time. It really hits the spot with it’s smooth, velvet-y goodness. Unfortunately for me, I recently accepted the fact that I am lactose intolerant, and that junk food in general breaks me out. I’ve been avoiding chocolate in order to regain my health, and was SO thrilled when I opened my Goddess Provisions box this month and there was a delicious little treat inside: Chocolita’s Moon Rose bar. After reading the description, I learned that it was vegan, and it was actually a vessel to transport other vitamins and nutrients to the body through it’s deliciousness. It was so delicious, in fact, that I reached out to the owner herself (who is based in my favorite town of Sedona, AZ) and she happily agreed to collaborate with me so I could sample her other flavors. And I will say, with no guilt, that I have had one chocolate bar a day for the last week.

One thing that really stood out to me about the company is their legend of the origins of chocolate:


Ixcacao, the Goddess of Chocolate

Many years ago, at the dawning of the 5th age of man, the Mayan goddess of chocolate, Ixcacao, walked amongst the people. She listened to their suffering and appeased the fears of starvation by providing food, abundance and wisdom. She taught the people how to create an abundant life.  The goddess of abundance was highly revered in this matriarchal society.

Food of the Gods

However, soon change came, as it always seems to do, and kings began to rule. Society shifted towards being run by a patriarchal ruling-elite. Ixcacao was taken out of the corn fields, where she has previously provided abundance for the people, and was forced to marry the god of currency, Ek Chuah. Cacao beans were then used as currency. Abundance was then measured by this currency.  3 beans would get you a fresh ripe avocado, 300 would get you a turkey cock.  Women and children were not allowed to eat chocolate. It became a food only fit for royalty, warriors, and the gods.  It even became known as “food of the gods”.

Compassion to Nurture the People

Because of her compassionate nature, Ixcacao still wanted to nurture the people.  She decided to escort the initiates that would sacrifice their lives to the sun god up the pyramid and provide them with cacao as a support for their strength when they would give their life-blood for the sun to keep rising. She made this journey with the initiates once a year.

Bringing Color and Life to the People

One year, it was particularly hard for her to make the trip, and she wondered if she was going to be able to do it again. When she entered her dressing room, the goddess of love, Huitaca, surprised her there. Huitaca told her she noticed that Ixcacao still welcomed the people from the fields at night, but the people didn’t seem to be happy anymore. They are now working so hard that they sleep without dreams, and their days no longer have joy or laughter. Together, Huitaca and Ixcacao devised a plan to bring color and life back into the lives of the people.Food of the Gods

Fermenting Cacao for Aphrodisiac

Ixcacao taught the kings how to ferment cacao drinks into a wine to make them intoxicating. She told them that cacao had aphrodisiac properties. Cacao now brought love and pleasure.  Many kings exploited cacao for these properties, and gluttony reigned. However, Quetzalcoatl returned again, and gave his life so that there would not have to be any more human sacrifice to the sun.

Goddess of Abundance, Love, and Pleasure

As a gesture of thanks, Huitaca covered Ixcacao in white flowers from head to toe. Ixcacao now returned to her people in the fields as the goddess of abundance, love, and pleasure. The people were now happy again. They sang and danced, and worked with love in their hearts thanks to their goddess Ixcacao.

Ixcacao helps to remind us to bring joy into the work in our lives, and slow down from the fast-paced and oftentimes greedy society we are engaging in so that we can take part in the things that bring us pleasure.

A Reminder to Reconnect with the Spirit of Chocolate

We have disconnected the experience of eating chocolate and blissful pleasure, however. Due to adulteration and heavy processing, chocolate has become a junk food associated with sin and guilt. It does not have to be this way at all! We now know that chocolate is a health food, and in its pure form, is vitalizing, nourishing and nutritious.

Chocolita wants to remind you to reconnect to the spirit of Ixcacau, and enter into a state of healthy and vibrant bliss with every bite.
Here at Chocolita, making chocolate and providing others with healthful bliss gives us pleasure. We stay inspired by the story of Ixcacau to live the life we love and sharing that love with others.”


The Samples:

  • Dark Milk 56%- This was my husband’s favorite, as a milk chocolate lover. It combines the creaminess of milk chocolate with the health benefits of dark chocolate. Ingredients include Cacao*, Coconut Sugar*, Strawberries*, Damiana*, Maca*, Ashwaghanda*, Passionflower*, Vanilla*, Sea Salt.
  • Blueberry Lotus- White chocolate with blueberries and the rare Blue Lotus. Blue Lotus has been renowned since ancient Egyptian times as an aphrodisiac, and meditation aid. It is also known to be calming and stress-reducing. Ingredients: Cacao Butter*, 
Coconut Sugar*, 
Vanilla*, Hi-Fi Blue Lotus Essential, 
Pink Salt.
  • Cherry Almond-  This was one of my favorites as it was sweet and tangy with a nice crunch of almonds. Ingredients: Cacao Butter*, Lucuma*, Coconut Sugar*, Cherries*, Almonds*, Vanilla*, Sea Salt
  • Goji Schizandra- Goji berries add a micro-nutrient profile to this bar. They develop the flavor in a sweetly unique manner. They have long been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a multitude of health benefits. Goji Berries are a potent superfood that have been gaining fast popularity. They are high in Zinc, Vitamin C, trace minerals, fiber, and have more carotenoids than any other plant. They also have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal compounds. They are a powerful antioxidant and Chinese Herbal Tonic. Schizandra berries are also a potent Chinese Herbal Tonic. They are amazing for the skin, and are tonifying and adaptogenic. Ingredients: Cacao Butter*, Lucuma*, Coconut Sugar*, Goji Berries*, Vanilla*, Surthrival Schizandra powder, Surthrival Pine Pollen, Pink Salt.
  • Jungle Peanut Crunch- Heirloom Wild Jungle Peanuts, the ancestors of all peanuts (which are mostly hybridized for sugar-content nowadays), are grown mostly by the Ashuar tribe in the Amazon Rainforest. They are becoming more popular in the states for their lack of aflatoxin (which is normally present in most peanuts and is the main culprit in peanut allergies). I have known a few people now, including my dear friend Louise, who are allergic to peanuts and can eat Wild Jungle Peanuts (and eat this chocolate bar). Jungle peanuts contain over 40% oleic acid, which is beneficial for heart health and beautiful skin. Ingredients: Cacao Butter*,
 Coconut Sugar*,
 Wild Jungle Peanuts*,
 Surthrival Pine Pollen, Pink Salt.
  • Lavender Dreamtime- Lavender Dreamtime is a journey into sweet dreaming. With the rich flavor of dark chocolate and fragrant taste of lavender carrying the experience of this bar, you’d never know there is also gotu kola and mugwort added in to assist in more vivid and memorable dreams. Let lavender carry you towards relaxation and restful slumber.
  • Moontime Rose- Our dark bars utilize chocolate as a medium of delivery for herbs. The flavor notes of ground pink rose petals blend sensually with dark chocolate and the other herbs in the Moontime Rose bar. Moontime Rose was formulated to assist with the balance of hormones. Ingredients: Cacao Paste*,
 Cacao Butter*,
 Coconut Sugar*,
 Pink Rose Petals*,
 Vitex Berries*,
 Cramp Bark*,
 Premier Research Labs Pink Salt (a combination of Hawaiian Pink and Himalayan Pink)
  • Nude- Nude is our smooth bar, for the purist in you. Healthy un-heated (raw) cacao butter combines with creamy lucuma and a hint of vanilla for a melt-in-your-mouth sweet treat. Ingredients: Cacao Butter*, Lucuma*, Coconut Sugar*, Vanilla*, Sea Salt.
  • Pine Pollen & Lemon- Lemon and Pine Pollen combine to create a potent superfood bar with a uniquely irresistible flavor. Pine pollen contains over 200 vitamins, nutrients and minerals and is considered a compete protein. It has been used for centuries in Chinese Medicine as an adaptogen, an immune-system booster, and also for energy support. Ingredients: Cacao Butter*,
Coconut Sugar*,
 Surthrival Pine Pollen,
 Hi-Fi Lemon Essential,
 Pink Salt.
  • Strawberry Passion- Dark Chocolate and Strawberries combine with aphrodisiac herbs to increase your passions and open your heart. Ingredients: Cacao*, Coconut Sugar*, Strawberries*, Damiana*, Maca*, Ashwaghanda*, Passionflower*, Vanilla*, Sea Salt.



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