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Native Holistics

My affinity with plants and nature has always been apart of me. In the last few years as the universe would have it a new journey has led me into studying a BHSc in Naturopathy, Reiki and Aromatherapy. I adore learning about mythology, botany, crystals, drawing and most of all manufacturing anything and everything!
A love of eating a whole food diet, predominately plant based which has led me into designing products that were compatible for everyone, vegan and non vegans.“- Hin Hemera, Owner of Native Holistics.

Native Holistics is a shop from Australia that makes oils and teas. Native Holistics kindly sent me a few samples of her products, and I fell in love with the scents she sent! Hemera sent me the Indigo Child perfume oil, which has lavender, orange, sandlewood, rose, flowers, jojoba, grape seed oil, rosemary, frankinscence, essential oil, and flower essences as the main scents and ingredients. It’s a calming, soothing smell that I adore. Along with that, she sent the Gypsy Rogue perfume oil. The main ingredients and scents in the Gypsy Rogue are patchouli, lemongrass, black pepper, lime, bergamot, basil, plant based, flowers, jojoba, and grape seed oil. This oil had more of a spicy, sexy scent to it. She also sent me a couple of her teas, that were lovely as well!

Gemini Gems AK

Gemini Gems AK is a jewelry company that you can purchase through Instagram under the name of @geminigemsak. Gemini Gems has adorable bracelets that you wrap around the wrist and button at the end, made with beads and assorted crystals. Even better?  They are made to order! Gemini Gems sent me two beautiful wrap bracelets that I haven’t yet taken off. I love the soft colors of the bracelets they sent me that seem to match almost every outfit, and I have received a few compliments on them already. Check out Gemini Gems Instagram to see her beautiful array of bracelets!

Meredith Rom’s “Just Be” 

“Have you ever felt a call from somewhere deep within telling you there must be more to life? For Meredith Rom, this call came at age twenty-two while she was lying in savasana on the floor of a packed New York City yoga studio. It came on the heels of an unpleasant breakup and an unforeseen turn in the economic market―so, with no job offers in sight, she chose to listen. Rom followed her intuition across the country to San Francisco, and soon after, halfway around the world to India. This coming-of-age memoir takes you inside the ashrams of gurus and sages of the far East, where one woman learns to heal her heart, believe in the magical happenstance of the universe, and find an unshakable love and trust within herself.“- Back of book cover, Just Be.

Are you in need of a good read? A book to inspire? Check out fellow Instagram user Meredith Rom’s book, Just Be, and follow her journey from the US to India to rediscover herself. Allow this wonderful inspiration of a book inspire you to find yourself through your own persona journey. That may not be as risky and bold as heading to India, but allow this wonderful story to inspire you to take the little steps in the direction to self discovery.

Passport Beauty

Through our travels and celebration of all things beauty, we are curating discoveries from the global palette of inner and outer beauty for you and those seeking exotic, authentic and glamorous new beauty regimens and products. We celebrate diversity and embrace finding beauty and wellness solutions for all skin tones, all ethnicities and all cultures. With that comes a commitment to bringing you new, beautiful and exciting brands with the utmost quality to be the leading global beauty destination and purveyor of unique diverse brands that celebrates the cultures of beauty and the beauties of cultures, globally —past, present and future.”

Passport Beauty is a wonderful cosmetics company that generously sent me a few products to try firsthand, which I loved! They sent me a rose oil gold sheet mask, which I used the night I received it and it made my face so soft and smooth. Not to mention, the smell of rose is one of my favorite scents! Next I was sent their Goji Berry eye cream, which I use daily. The eye serum even has retinol, which is wonderful for anti-aging and wrinkles as you get older. No better time to start preventing then now, right?

Sienna Blaire Beauty

“Sienna Blaire Beauty is a California based eco-chic boutique providing the best in indie, natural, organic beauty and lifestyle. Sienna Blaire is a family owned and operated company committed to quality, value and customer care. We are proud to offer a collection of incredible products which are made conscientiously, with your health and the environment in mind. Most of our products come from the highest quality organic ingredients. At Sienna Blaire, we believe that beauty comes from within. Our goal is to create a line of products which will help you look and feel your best! We hope that you will enjoy our unique collection of luxurious products made with high quality ingredients. Our products are designed to help you let your inner beauty shine through.”

Sienna Blaire sent me a HUGE box of their products to try, so I want to talk about my two favorites! Their eye shadow palate being my first. Admittedly, I am all about the Urban Decay palettes so I was hesitant to put it down: the truth is, though, that the Sienna Blaire palette is AMAZING. They have wide range of colors that last all day long. The ones I am gravitating towards is their pinks right now, and I have to say, I use it more than my UD palette now. Second, their peel of black mask. I have never used a peel off black mask before, but have seen them around, so I was excited to try it. I loved the feeling of peeling  off, and it did amazing things to my skin. My only con I will mention is the smell reminded me sort of like Elmer’s glue, but even with that, I used the entire bottle of the black mask and it is my go-to right now.

New Moon Tea Co

“Our farm is located at the East end of the Fraser Valley, in beautiful Chilliwack, BC. Christine started the company in 2014, with a small tea stand at the local farmers market. They now own one retail location and sell through many other stores nation wide. We pride ourselves in having the freshest organic ingredients, without having to add any flavors, color or preservatives. A professional horticulturalist and a passion for herbs, Christine has become a herbalist creating alternative and holistic tea blends that benefit the whole body. We are a company that prides ourselves in using only quality ingredients and supplies, while making a small footprint and using sustainable agricultural practices in our operations. Our roots are strong in our community and we are actively involved with other local artists and organizations which are dedicated to conscious awareness and quality ingredients.”

New Moon Tea co. sells tasty teas that you can feel great putting into your body as they are clean & healthy. A coffee person myself, I do love the occasional cup of tea, but I have been using the New Moon Tea co’s teas almost daily at night. They are delicious, clean and crisp tasting and a wonderful way to wind down at the end of a long day, without the caffeine jolt. On top of it, they also sell tea accessories, health and beauty items, as well as detoxes and specialty teas such as the “maternal line.” I was lucky enough to test the Feminine Balance and June Bug teas, which I adore!

Anima Mundi Herbals

“Our Apothecary is composed of the most pristine, and medicinal botanicals found in nature. We are devoted to providing the freshest and most vibrant herbal formulas.
Anima Mundi’s roots are within the heart of Costa Rica. We specialize in sourcing directly from native people within Central and South America. This provides a sustainable system, and a direct relationship to the source of botanical alchemy and native wisdom. Our project supports TRUE fair trade practices, permacultural outreach, developing small economies, and plant based remedies that benefit people from all walks of life”

If you are looking for more of a holistic approach to your (non-serious) ailments, you need to check out Anima Mundi Apothecary! They have a wide array of elixirs, tonics, superfoods, and flower essences. I was able to sample a few of their products, such as the Lucid Dreaming tea, Blue Lotus tea, Happiness superfood and their Protection mist. I love how they all make me happier and healthier each day. I love to spray the Protection mist each new and full moon, and when I can’t sleep well having a cup of the Lucid Dreaming tea soothes me to sleep!

Rice Love

At Rice Love, when you buy a bag, you feed a family in need. I love companies that give back to the communities near and far, and help out people who truly need it. Rice Love makes unique backpacks and purses made from recycled rice bags, and each bag is unique in it’s design and look. Rice Love kindly sent me one of their bags, which I use to take to school. It carries all my heavy books well, and it’s really cute on top of it. I appreciate that it’s made from recycled materials, and that with each bag sold, it helps a family. If you are in need of a backpack, check out Rice Love and feel good that in your purchase, you too are helping a family in need.


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