Red Moon in Aquarius


Thankfully we had a soft, tranquil transition throughout the new moon this August, because we will really have needed it with the full moon coming. This full moon in Aquarius, the Red Moon, is going to be intense, shaky, and perhaps life-altering. Under this new moon, things will come to an end, adding in room for new beginnings. Full moons are usually filled with energy, but with an upcoming eclipse, we are doubling up on that fiery energy. Oh- let’s add to that- August 13th starts another Mercury Retrograde.  Go ahead and take a deep inhale, open mouth exhale. Good.

This full moon pushes you to look closer at things in your life that you feel need to come to an end. I find it ironic that the term “let go” keeps popping up in my life, personally. Themes in yoga classes, among other things, are urging me to let go of things that do not serve me. Are there toxic people, relationships, or work related things in your life that you can say goodbye to, for good? Now is your time to stand and reclaim balance in your life, where things may have felt shaky and unbalanced. These may be giant decisions, life altering ones, but this full moon wants you to have the courage to take a stand for yourself & the peace you deserve.

Quoting Gostica, “Whatever peaks on this Full Moon / Eclipse, will be the result of our constant effort to stand apart from everyone else and rebalance the unequal power dynamics that surround us. We’re quite literally taking back the power, and using it to center our own narrative on ourselves; by doing so, we make a difference in our corner of the world. Needless to say, this will be a pivotal conjuncture, one that we have perhaps awaited for a long time, and that we shouldn’t be afraid to face.”

Your decision to stand up for yourself, or to end certain situations, may not be looked up favorably by others. Look past the opinions and critiques of other people, and focus on what you feel you really need and do not need in your life. Open yourself up to a community that understands your needs (especially your spiritual needs), where you can find the love, support, and like-mindedness that you may have been lacking and truly need. This upheaval reminds me of Kali, where sometimes we need destruction and overturning in order to start fresh & new. Be the Kali in your own life, making a path to a better life.

How to handle the Moon & upcoming Retrograde:

  • Flow through a yoga practice under the full moon
  • Write open letters to those in your life who you need to let go (send them, or don’t.)
  • Offer up a “letting go” ceremony where you write what you need to let go on paper, and bury it or burn it.
  • Write in a journal about your feelings and what you can replace in your life
  • Order House of Good JuJu Mercury Retrograde Mist
  • Allow new things to grow in your life: plant a flower, tree, or herb garden
  • Cleanse your crystals under the light of the transformative Full Moon


Love, Light and Peace this Full moon my friends.

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