Nature and The Soul


We, as humans, have an innate need to spend time in nature. The lives we lead cramped up in offices or our homes, hovering over our computers, stuck in traffic all slowly drain us. Our longing of being out exploring Mother Earth increases. We may not even notice the need, but it is in each and every one of us as humans, our instincts call out for it. Not spending enough time in nature, but more time on the computer or working, begins to weaken us mentally, physically, and spiritually. If you are feeling drained, confused, depressed or burnt out, try taking a few hours hiking in the forest, or walking a botanical garden and see how you feel after. That’s what my soul needed this weekend, desperately.

On Friday morning, I called up my husband and told him that I really needed to make my way up north. We live in Phoenix, a low, hot desert that is unbearable in the summer due to the heat. Only a few hours away, we have the lush forests and decent weather of Flagstaff. My husband doesn’t understand my need, as he isn’t as in touch with these senses and isn’t exactly a “nature guy,”  but he always accompanies me when I need it. Oh, and how I needed it. We decided that we would spend an evening overnight with the kids, and on Sunday take them up to the Grand Canyon.

Let me back up: Over the last month or so, I have had a feeling of disinterest in all areas of my life. I am in school gaining my 600 hour Yoga certificate, something that is an extra in the yoga community when a 200 hour certificate enables you to teach. The 600 hour is Unknownabove and beyond, and I have been seeing it as such. I had contacted my advisor just last week asking if I could drop out. I have been losing the passion, for so many things in my life. That overwhelming feeling was creeping up, and I couldn’t gain clarity. My eating had gotten out of control, my personal yoga practice suffered, and all I wanted was an afternoon nap everyday. I had no energy. My need to be out exploring Mother Earth was overwhelming.

One weekend was all it took. Exploring the lush forests, peering over the deep cliffs of the Grand Canyon, connecting back with nature was what I needed. We had a wonderful time, yet it was stressful with a 2 year old who was unhappy the whole time. But my soul filled backed up, I feel replenished, and I have motivation again. I woke up excited about a midterm I had today in my Yoga Philosophy class that I had previously been dreading. I was excited to write this blog post, when recently writing seemed to be a chore, and I am ready to get my butt up and back on the yoga mat. I feel full, grateful, and back in touch with myself which I had lost for so long.

Isn’t it amazing how one day out in nature, as we are meant to be, was all that it took for me to gain that clarity? Have you been feeling the same way? Try that hike, go look into the forest, pick some flowers, camp. Whatever it takes to fill your soul back up until it is overflowing into the lives of others.

Love and Light.

One thought on “Nature and The Soul

  1. Jillian Kay says:

    This post speaks to me, as I am definetly recharged, when I am out in nature! When it has been too long, I start to get this longing to go to the ocean. I am recharged for months after a day spent swimming and floating out in the ocean. Love your blog! ❤️


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