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Good morning friends and happy Saturday! Normally this is resigned for Fridays, as per the banner above, but I am out of town and this got pushed back. Regardless, we have four amazing small businesses to showcase today ranging from yoni eggs to yoga pants. So take a peek at the wholesome small businesses and take a chance on shopping small.

The Featured Businesses:



Instagram: nymphnyc

NymphNYC is a wonderful small business that centers their craft on women’s sacred spots & the pleasure that comes from exploring new ways to embrace it. Using the power of crystals to open and enhance the power of their products, allowing the body and mind to meld together using the stone’s energetic properties. From their website directly, “NYMPH NYC crystal products allow you to become more in tune with your innermost self. They allow you to remove blockages within your body and chakra system, especially FullSizeRender_1024x1024@2xyour root chakra—the chakra that is the basis of all other chakras—the foundation of your chakra system. We want you to reignite your natural fire can dull over your lifetime through disconnection. Instead, become your most confident, liberated, and divine self ever. Heal old trauma that you have been carrying around for years. Break free from society’s chains and become the powerhouse you actually are.”

NymphNYC so kindly sent me one of their rose quartz yoni eggs. If you don’t know what a yoni is, nevertheless a yoni egg, I will explain. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vulva, and a yoni egg is a crystal egg that you insert in the vaginal canal. Women have been doing the practice for thousands of years, and all with wonderful benefits. Among the benefits include more active pelvic muscles, tightening after birth, better orgasms, etc. I swear by yoni eggs and the one that NymphNYC is by far my favorite. I love connecting with the feminine, womanly rose quartz. I love that it’s drilled so I can choose if I would like to add a string or not. Among the eggs, NymphNYC also offers other products such as mists & crystal pleasure wands.

Niyama Sports

Website:  Niyama Sports

Instagram: niyama_sports

Niyama Sports is an athletic clothing company that specializes in women’s yoga pants. Their yoga pants are vibrant, stunning in their patterns and designs. Niyama uses high quality, Italian fabrics that feel wonderful on the body, and provides a quick solution to 11-401_Dancing_Beauty_front_1024x1024
sweating while working out, keeping you dry even if you’re doing hot yoga. The best part? They have a no slip technological band wrapping around the waist that keeps youryoga pants in place no matter how many down dogs you end up doing.

Niyama generously sent me a pair of their quality yoga pants, in the dancing beauty design.  Upon receiving  them the first thing that I had noticed is the soft, slick feel of the fabric which was delightful. Upon putting them on for the first time, I noticed how comfortably perfect they conformed to the shape of my body. And upon wearing them while teaching in my yoga class, I not only received compliments but the no-slip waist band kept them perfectly in place, which is my biggest complaint of other yoga pants I wear. I certainly would recommend these yoga pants!

Jewels of Saraswati

Website: Jewels of Saraswati

Instagram: JewelsofSaraswati

Jewels of Saraswati is a jewelry company created and run by an amazingly sweet woman named Lauren, who makes the most gorgeous pieces of crystal jewelry I have ever seen. Since Lauren can create her story better than I can, quoting directly from her website, “Ever since I can remember, I have been enamored with stones of all kinds. Childhood found me collecting pebbles and artifacts from every sojourn – tumbling them repeatedly in my hands and treasuring them deep in my pockets.
I began creating jewelry as an outlet for my restless artistic spirit. I am a conservatory trained performing flutist and pedagogue and, after studying and performing FullSizeRenderthroughout the U.S. and touring South America, I began managing and performing with an experimental ensemble based in NYC. During my downtime, the “music” of mantras and the philosophy of Yoga strongly called to me and I felt drawn to answer. What began as a blossoming interest in Yoga and designing beautiful jewelry revealed itself as a sacred calling, a true passion, a rememberance of where my soul needed to serve.”

Lauren so kindly sent me a piece from her new collection, the Srishti, a gorgeous bracelet made from labradorite and a slice of agate. I can honestly say that I LITERALLY have not taken this bracelet off since I received it last month. It is simple enough to wear with any outfit, but so intricately beautiful that it’s eye-catching almost immediately. The shimmer of the blue in the labradorite and the swirling colors of the agate make for one stunning, feminine bracelet that would fit any woman’s style. On top of it, Lauren makes wonderful custom malas and many other sorts of jewelry, so check out her website and find a piece that calls to you.

If you would like to participate in a small business segment, please contact me at

Love and Light.

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