Do Dreams Mean Anything?


This morning I woke up tired, fatigued, after another nights rough sleep with very vivid, strange dreams. In fact, almost every time that I dream, it is usually very vivid in it’s clarity, and makes a lasting impression. I can remember almost all of the details, and think of it throughout the day. Usually my dreams have a bad undertone to them- whether they are scary, depressing, or frightening. I don’t ride on unicorns or slide down rainbows in my dreams like some people. My mom says I dream like my father- heavy, dark and sad.

I woke up after another frightening dream, wondering if they mean anything? We all know of dream analysis, and I have dove into that before trying to dissect the different symbols of my imagination running rampant at night. It did not produce much. I’ve heard that vivid dreaming means you could be clairvoyant, and that always interested me. All of these thoughts were running through my head and I knew I needed to write about it, reaching out to you guys to see what your thoughts and takes are on dreams.

There isn’t much science on the matter, and in fact, science knows very little about dreaming at all. But there are some things that stand out, such as sleep deprivation can cause more intense dreaming. I know for a fact that for some reason, I am sleep deprived. It could be my horrendous TMJ and jaw clenching at night, or my snoring husband. I can’t be sure, but I wake up almost every morning exhausted. Science says a “nightmare” can point to stress. Well, this is 2017, and if you aren’t stressed then you’re living in another era. I have nightmares every night, to the point where they no longer make me nervous.

Parts of me wonder if the Universe has given me the gift of strange and vivid dreams as a way of allowing me to tap into something. It’s been since childhood that I have been plagued by this, and I can only hope that there is some more important reason behind it. Is my Higher Self trying to teach me something? Is my subconscious deeply at work?


I would love for all of you to weigh in here on your thoughts, opinions, and experiences!

3 thoughts on “Do Dreams Mean Anything?

  1. Ashley says:

    I find this interesting because I have the same problem but not every night. May happen a few times a week for me. When my dreams are this vivid to where I remember them, I take time to document what happened within the dream. And the majority of them come true. I figured out my dreams were trying to tell me to tap into my psychic abilities and take charge of them. I didn’t believe in this till more than a few of my dream took place in the real life the same day I awoke. I’ve also had premonitions whilst awake. But most are when I’m sleeping. So it could be that your dreams are telling you to tap into something. And yes every time I woke up from these vivid dreama I was exhausted. I have noticed though when I meditate before bed I sleep much better and soundly. May try that of you haven’t already.


  2. DeAnna says:

    Mmmmmm. Yet another good topic!!
    I too have mannny different paths to sleep deprivation. Before the birth of my daughter, I finally participated in a sleep study, and that confirmed my placement in the insomnia spectrum. I have SUPER vivid dreams, every night. And for the most part, they are reoccurring! My most common “dream themes” are either water (swimming, drowning, or boats) or escaping ( trapped in a war like scenario).
    For me, I think they are a combination of the obvious working through of current emotions, and maybe some past life things! I’ve always wanted to do past life regression therapy! And considering how well you connect to your audience, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a bit clairvoyant!


  3. Elisa says:

    Have you ever met a dreamwalker? I have found Dream Interpretations to be mostly crap. Sometimes there are themes that might be accurate. Dreaming your dream with you or for you and shifting and manipulating it can reveal more, have it make sense or knock out stuff sending to you that does not belong to you. Kinda like energetic or psychic junk. I am speaking in an entirely general way, not reading YOU personally.

    A good place to begin might be to practice grounding before sleep, wash with salt water and let everything NOT yours wash down cold running water at sink. Drink nice glass of water. Pray/meditate whatever you do. Ask your Higher Power to give you a dome so that you can experience a clear night’s sleep. If/when you dream, remember that in your pocket you have an alarm clock that will ring as soon as you look at your pocket or think of it, to wake you. If/when this happens, go to bathroom or kitchen and wash in salt again. Thank your HP for helping you to recall the alarm and for space and peace and grounding. Go back to sleep. 🙂


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