Small Business Friday

Happy Friday again! What a quick week this has been! Hope all are well and getting ready to enjoy the weekend. We have four more new businesses to share today, ranging from art to makeup, so lets begin!

The Featured Businesses:

A Cat Like Curiosity

Website: A Cat Like Curiosity

Instagram: curiouslysarah

Sarah is the woman behind the company, A Cat Like Curiosity.  Artist, Wise Woman, and self proclaimed old soul who is full of fun, she is fully connected to her own soul and aura. A naturally curious creature herself, she loves to dabble in magic and rituals which she puts into each art piece she creates. She infuses her rituals and magic onto each unique painting, which you can feel when you hold one.

Sarah so graciously sent me one of her beautiful works of art, which I adore! Each art piece that she creates has a wonderful, child like innocence to it, with an undercurrent of hidden depth. On top of it, you can have Sarah create you a wonderful custom work of art, if you would like! Her skills go beyond just paintings: she can create logos, business illustrations, custom canvases, portraits, cartoons and pet illustrations as well! If you love her work and want to wear it as a piece of jewelry, she offers necklaces and pins as well.  Basically, anything you could need or want! If you’re interested in her whimsical and playful work, please check out her website and shop to see more examples!



Website: Yogi Surprise

Instagram: yogisurprise

Yogi Surprise is the dream subscription box for any and all yogis! Yogi Surprise sets themselves to a set of values which inspires them while they create their boxes. Starting with health (“We believe in wellness — a balanced and healthy state of being that exists as a reflection of the intentional choices we make each day”), next being connection (“We believe people are nourished by the light that shines between souls. Connection is the catalyst for love — self-love, friendship, family, partnership”), and finally joy (“We believe a life lived in gratitude brings a sense of peace and fulfillment to every moment”). Allowing you to love yourself from the inside out, to open up and receive, and allowing yourself to find your retreat in a box is the goal of Yogi Surprise.

Yogi Surprise sent me one of their monthly boxes, the June Box! Inside I found a minty-chocolatey treat, as well as an adorable Om bracelet and a matching Om necklace. Over $70 dollar value worth of items for only $24.99 a month! If you’d like to upgrade to the bigger Lifestyle box, it would be only $44.95 a month and you get a larger box stuffed with more yoga goodies! Feel free to click the above link if you’re interested and find the box combination that would suit best your monthly needs. Also, feel free to browse and purchase any of the past monthly boxes!


Dare By Kionde

Website: Dare By Kionde

Instagram: dare_by_kionde

Kionde, which means “knowledgeable of the world,” is the name of the creator and owner of Dare By Kionde. Kionde has been making jewelry for 20 years, as a hobby to give to friends and make them happy with her gifts. Still timid to make the jump from gifts to selling, many of her friends who have received her pieces would come to her how much they loved her pieces, and encouraged her to begin to sell them. Kionde enjoys making fun and futuristic pieces of jewelry, and her motto is “your jewelry should be one of a kind just like you and when your mind is light years ahead your jewelry reflects that.”

Kionde so sweetly sent me her new designs of jewelry: her transparent resin set necklace, earrings and bracelets! As described, all are set with a clear resin and inside are delightful pieces of nature she has collected. In mine, she had set pieces of flowers and greenery! Something I don’t often get to see here in the desert, and so lovely to look at. I love knowing that I have a piece of nature near to me while I wear her pieces. You can find many different varieties of these pieces with leaves, seashells, flowers and more. On top of it, she has many different jewelry pieces extending outside of the resin casts, so click above to see her wonderful work!


Au Naturale

Website: Au Naturale

Instagram: aunaturalelife

Ashley Prange went from nuclear analyst working in DC to making a healthy cosmetics brand called Au Naturale Cosmetics. How did this come about, you might be asking? While working her normal job, Ashley began to think about how it seemed unfair that the only way her skin would cooperate and stay fresh and healthy was going sans powder-shadows_400x400makeup, or “au naturale.” Deciding that that shouldn’t and wouldn’t be the case, Ashley took to research, and used her coffee grinder as a mineral makeup grinder (which, if you ask me, is some dedication. I need my coffee) and began to create her own makeup that would leave her face healthy and happy. Quoting from Au Naturale’s website “her mission was to use exclusively healthy, natural & ethically sourced ingredients in order to develop a replacement for each and ever product in her former beauty routine. Her skin’s newfound glow didn’t go unnoticed, and it wasn’t long before she had a waitlist of personalized orders from friends & colleagues.”

Au Naturale kindly sent me a list of products that I chose from their website which


include a mineral blush, an eyeshadow, and two lipsticks (one matte and one creamy). The blush was a beautiful fresh pink which honestly could look amazing on all skin tones, rich in pigment and healthy for the skin. The eyeshadow (super fine shadow powder) was a frosty, glittery white which I use as both an eyeshadow and a highlighter! I love products that have multi-functions. And lastly, the two lipsticks have been my go to. The matte lip stain stayed on for hours but also wasn’t drying whatsoever, and the
creamy gave my lips a hint of red color whiteout being too in-your-face. If you’re interested in switching your toxic cosmetics over to a healthier alternative, give Au Naturale a shot.


If you would like to be a part of our Small Business Friday please contact me at to collaborate.



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