Full Moon in Capricorn

moon+magic+banner+2.pngTake a nice deep inhale through the nose, open mouth exhale with a nice, long sigh. Again inhale through the nose, rounding the belly, big and beautiful. Travel the breath up through the lungs, to the top of the throat, and hold. And exhale alllllll the way down, bringing navel to spine. Now you’re ready for your Monday morning.

Throughout the weekend and tonight we have a full moon, in Capricorn. This moon is also known as a Thunder moon. Take a scan of your mind and notice how you are feeling, as this Thunder moon can be very intense, causing a lot of strong and unpredictable emotions. If you find those sorts of emotions lurking inside, take some time to breathe, reflect and calm. You don’t need to be guided by your emotions, but instead you learn to guide them.

Maybe you are noticing some tension in your most important relationships and yes, this can be partially due to the intense full moon. Take the time to analyze things, and figure out where these emotions are coming from and the best way to handle them. Taking things slow and steady during this time, instead of being impulsive as we tend to doing a full moon, is the best course of action. I can’t say it enough breathe, breathe, breathe.

This full moon you may notice the need to start setting boundaries. Don’t ignore this need. Setting boundaries with others is not a form of being selfish, in fact, it’s the best form of self-care. Not allowing others to walk all over you, or take advantage of your good nature is an important thing everyone must learn, and the full moon urges us to learn this now. Try saying no. Try drawing the line in the sand and telling someone “this is my area, and you can’t cross this.” Don’t feel guilty, but embrace the beautiful boundaries you’re creating around yourself, for your own good and peace of mind.

Love & Light.


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