Small Business Friday


Good morning and happy Friday! This week we have another wonderful group of small businesses with items ranging from jewelry to yoga pants! Check out these wonderful small businesses- shopping small and local makes a huge impact!

Let’s get started!

The Featured Businesses:


Bloom and Grow


Instagram: bloomandgrowdesigns

Bloom and Grow is a company that has touched my heart with the story of its creation. Bloom and Grow was born out of heartbreak, but has bloomed and grown to bring joy to others in the honor of a beautiful baby boy.  Kathleen and her husband started this business in August, 2016- just about a year after the birth of her twin boys Nicholas and il_570xN.1147834198_rfrrNoah, born prematurely at 25 weeks. After 34 days of fighting, Nicholas passed away in Kathleen’s arms as she sang to him the song she sang to him everyday in the NICU. Noah overcame the obstacles and has just turned two years old. In honor of Nicholas, Kathleen and her husband started the business Bloom and Grow as a way to create beautiful pieces of art for others who may be dealing with their own suffering, as a way to connect and share the memory of sweet baby Nicholas.

Kathleen so generously sent me one of her pieces, and I literally squeeled when I opened it as it is so beautiful! The pendant is made of wood and painted a beautiful forest scene, I have gotten so many compliments when I wear this piece! It makes me feel connected to nature that I don’t get to see here often in the desert. The necklace is very well made on a brass chain and placed in a brass setting with a beautiful design on the back.  The art piece is very vivid with gorgeous colors of purples, greens and reds. Please take a moment to check out Bloom and Grow’s shop- they have a wide variety of pieces to fit everyone’s taste.


The Moon Life Clothing


Instagram: themoonlifeclothing

Moon Life Clothing is the brain child of Nate Gonzalez, a 27 year old graphic designer/artist from Baltimore, Maryland. He started the company is 2013 with his friend, Greg Silverman. They have since relocated to Los Angeles and have received tremendous support from celebrities such as John Mayer, Kesha and Miley Cyrus, as well as artists such as such as Oliver Hibert, and Alan Forbes. As a spinoff of the clothing company, Moon Life Clothing started a record company that features Electric Love Machine!

Moon Life Clothing sent me a great package that included a hat, two shirts, and a handful of stickers that I plastered all over my water bottle immediately. And when a sticker gets a feature on a hydroflask, you know its cool. As a lover of the moon and all things space (that’s what brought my husband and I together, in fact, is a mutual love of space) I instantly loved these items! I love the simple but eye catching designs of the shirts and the half moon logo of the hat, and have been wearing all three to my yoga classes lately. The shirts are so light and breathable that they are perfect for my Yoga Flow classes. Check out Moon Life clothing for some wonderful space inspired items!



Instagram: namastetics

Namastetics is an athletic clothing company that focuses on yoga apparel. They have a wide array of options from yoga leggings to yoga bras, all in beautiful shapes, patterns and designs all at a great price. Namastetics graciously sent me one of their yoga leggings: a pair of the Fusion leggings which I thought were so unique and interesting! fusion_black_side_large.jpgOn the top is a tradition yoga pant (in whatever color you choose) and the bottoms are synched cotton leggings which almost remind me of leg warmers. I absolutely adore them and think they would be perfect for the winter time especially as they keep my legs warm! Or wearing them in a hot yoga class would be a great idea to get you sweating! I feel that the quality is exceptional for the price as well, and think that these will last me a long time and through many, many yoga classes. Check out Namastetics! I’m going to head there myself again and order a bra!



Instagram: chakrapassion

Chakra passion is a company that sells a wide variety of products all centered around the chakras. The chakras are energy centers in the body, in which we all have 7: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and the crown chakra. Getting in touch and getting to know these energy centers in the body allow one to know better how to recognize when they are out of alignment and how to rebalance them. In order to familiarize yourself with the chakras, Chakra Passion has many products in which to do so at a wonderful price. Their items range from mugs to household decorations to jewelry.

Chakra Passion sent me three wonderful moon hairpins with beautiful crystals product-image-288186149_3494a357-bfd7-4061-915d-16f640499a55_1024x1024attached. I’ve seen these hairpins floating around the internet and needed one. I love wearing them when I need to put my hair up quickly, and the added feature of the crystal keeps my hair interesting without seeming rushed on just “thrown up” into a bun.  I’ve peeked at their website a few times and already have a wishlist that’s growing quite rapidly of things I would love to own!




If you would like to be a part of Small Business Friday please send me a message at

Love & Light.

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