Small Business Friday


Happy Friday everyone! I have four more small businesses that I would love to share with all of you. They range from clothing to vitamins to skincare- and all have been absolutely wonderful to work with, and it has been a joy exploring their company, histories, and products. So, let’s get to it!

The Featured Businesses:

Keep It Wild Co.


Instagram: letskeepitwild

Keep It Wild Co is a business that was born from a husband and wife, named Cameron and Casi, who are also both high school teachers. Having a deep love for the Southwest, and the nature within it, they began a blog about hiking to share with their friends and family. This quickly took root, and began to blossom and grow to others who also had a passion of nature, hiking, and the Southwest. That is how Keep It Wild began, out of love for the nature of our state of Arizona, and as a way to help preserve it. Each purchase that is made, a portion of the proceeds go towards charities that help clean up and preserve the landscape. DSC9741_1024x1024

As a fellow Arizonian, and desert lover, I was instantly drawn to their company and products. I mean, who doesn’t love the towering saguaros and mountains that surround us in our beautiful state? They generously sent me two of their southwest inspired shirts- The Desert Is Calling tank and the Keep It Grand Unisex tee. Both are so light and airy, which is a MUST in the Arizona summer (117 degrees anyone?) and I especially loved wearing them to my yoga classes. I even got a compliment and someone asked me where I could get the Desert Is Calling tank. Most importantly, though, is that their company is a local, small company run by two people with a passion for helping the earth. They give back, and that’s a main aspect of something I love when working with small businesses. So, thank you Keep It Wild, for helping our state stay as beautiful as it can be.




Instagram: careofvitmains

So, I am a person who loves natural and holistic health alternatives to whatever may ail me, and I look to vitamins to help me above taking more drastic measures when it comes to my health. I tend to head to a supermarket and stare at the aisles of vitamins and wonder which vitamin can help me with whatever issue I face. At that point, I throw a ton in my basket and leave having spent a ton of money and never actually take the vitamins, seeing how I completely guessed as to what would help.

I was recently introduced to Care/Of vitamins through another blogger, and had to contact them to try it out, and they kindly agreed. They directed me to their site, where there was a questionnaire to be filled out. My main issue is energy. I have low energy and have spent years trying to figure out why this may be, with many tests and no answers. I was pleased to find that their questionnaire covered energy issues and exhaustion. It helps to personalize what exactly your body needs, as well as taking your values and beliefs into play as well. For example, the questionnaire asked me if I take Ayurvedic ideas into account when it comes to my health: yes, I do. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

They sent me the most adorable vitamin packets, customized with my name and all. In my packet was iron supplements, astaxanthin (found in algae and helps promote skin health), ashwaganhda (an Indian herb that promotes healthy stress recovery), and rhodiola (another herb that helps with stress response and fatigue). I have to say, it hasn’t been a complete cure for my exhaustion, but I have felt more energy when I take them. I certainly will continue and plan to purchase another months worth. Go ahead and try the questionnaire out on their site to see what your body may be in need of.



Mad Hippie Advanced Skin Care


Instagram: madhippieskinproducts

Ah, skincare. The bane of my existence. I had decent enough skin until I hit about 22 years old, and all of a sudden I was dealing with a case of adult acne. I did everything I could think of to my poor face to help my skin. I’d do glycol peels, salicylic acid, anything I could get my hands on and afford. Nothing worked, and it truly only aggravated my skin more. I finally went to the dermatologist, and they gave me a HIGH prescription of retinoid gel. It did help rid me of my acne, but it also helped melt my face off. The peeling and dry, itchy skin that comes with using a retinoid is hell. I knew that after stopping the gel, I would have to find a sensitive, natural skin care routine to counteract everything I have done to my skin. Hydrating_Nutrient_Mist_1024x1024.jpg

I’m still on that journey, and recently have discovered Mad Hippie. For me personally I cannot use anything on my face (except under my eyes) that has any kind of oil, essential or mineral. So as I was browsing, I bypassed the items with oil in them (which, sidenote, is amazing for most faces especially with dry skin- mine is a special case that cannot handle oil) and opted to try the eye cream & hydrating mist. They sent me a generous package and I started using the products right away. I promise you I am not being biased here-  I LOVE THE PRODUCTS. My sad, dry skin absolutely loved the hydrating mist through out the day. I keep it in my purse, and spray my face when it gets too dry and itchy and it is immediate relief! As for the eye cream, it has been helping me so much with my dry under eyes, and also is helping with my dark circles. That being said, they have another loyal customer.


Golden Earth Oils


Instagram: goldenearthoils

I was introduced to Gold Earth Oils through the Goddess Provisions monthly subscription box (the June Box) where I received the Solar Plexus chakra oil. This was my favorite item within the box, and contacted the owner of Golden Earth Oils, where Chakra6_R1-425she so kindly sent me 4 more of the chakra oils: the Root, Heart, Third Eye, and Crown chakra oils. I absolutely love the idea of having a specific oil for each chakra that I can choose from daily, to help me in whatever way I need to balance and heal.

The Root Chakra: a Patchouli essential oil that is infused with Hematite crystal. Spiritual Characteristics: connection to the earth and nature, our life purpose, manifestation and survival.

The Heart Chakra: a Rose essential oil blend that is infused with Rose Quartz. Spiritual Characteristics: love, self affinity, compassion, relationship with ourselves and others.

Third Eye Chakra: a Lavender and Rosemary essential oil blend infused with lapis lazuli. Spiritual Characteristics: intuitive abilities, visualization, clarity, insight, awareness.

Crown Chakra: a Sandalwood and Jasmine essential oil blend infused with Amethyst. Spiritual Characteristics: higher knowledge, wisdom, certainty and divine energies.

I literally have been using these everyday behind my ears, at the base my spine and on my wrists, and it has replaced my regular perfume. I love that she infuses these oils with crystals to help raise the vibrations, and I find them perfect to use during meditation.


If you would like to participate in Small Business Friday, please send me an email at or direct message me on Instagram.

Light and Love.

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