Following the Moon Phases

The moon has a strong affect on our everyday world. From our tides and oceans, to our emotions and actions. Most people go about their day and their month unaware of what phase the moon is in, and how it is affecting and directing their life. They may be blissfully unaware of the fact that the full moon is making their emotions more intense, or that the new moon is causing them to feel withdrawn and introspective. We all know the ocean affects the tides, and being made of 75% water, wouldn’t it make sense that the moon has a large pull on us, as well?

If you are a woman reading this, it is even more important that you follow the moon closely as she is in direct relation to your cycle. The moon flows through phases in 28 days, and women’s cycles flow through phases in 28 days.  Knowing what phase of the moon you are in, in relation to what phase of your cycle you are in can help you navigate your feelings, thoughts, and emotions much more easily. For example, if your period comes within the new moon phase, and you are feeling withdrawn and introverted, allow yourself the freedom of being alone and taking care of what you need in that moment. Know that it’s normal if your period comes around the full moon phase and you are feeling feisty and sassy and want to socialize. Understanding the phases and how they impact you personally is a great way to know yourself better.

What does each moon phase mean?

New Moon:  During the new moon, it is a period of darkness with no light illumination the sky. The new moon is all about having a fresh start and new beginnings. It’s about traveling and focusing inward, getting a feel of what your soul is telling you, and spending time there meditating and reflecting. The new moon is about setting new intentions, as it is a time of cleansing and clearing away whatever happened within the month before. Energy is low at this point, and things are usually at a lull. Typically the new moon phase is not a time to take on something new, it’s a time to rest and rejuvenate.

What does your soul need in order to rest and rejuvenate?

0d97df97056fa76c98ff79ea8ca6f55aWaxing CrescentWhen the new moon phase passes, the moon begins to wax, meaning that it begins to grow bigger and brighter leading up to the full moon. This is a time where energy begins to pick up, the feelings of motivation come back, and you may begin to feel more physical energy and more intensity in your emotions. This is a perfect time to focus your intentions that you made during the new moon cycle into effect, commiting to them and allowing them to grow into reality. The expansive energy is supportive of trying new things and taking risks in this phase. Allow yourself to let loose a little bit.

How do you see yourself manifesting your intentions? Form a plan in this phase.

First Quarter: The moon is one half lit at this phase. Energy is still mounting, and this is the stage where your ideas are beginning to be put into action. You’ve gathered your seeds, you’ve planted them deep, and here you want to water them so they take root. Fine-tune your intentions now.

How can you turn your intentions into reality?

Waxing Gibbous: Approaching the full moon, emotions and feelings can be intense. You’ve watered your intentions and they are beginning to take root. This phase is symbolic of strength, courage, determination, and fortitude. Allow any emotional baggage to roll off your shoulders. Do not allow things to slow your determination, and turn any negative energy into motivation to make your intentions reality.

Simply notice the negativity around you, and turn the other way.

Full Moon: The full moon is round and bright in the sky. You see the whole of it, beautiful and glorious in all of its pure nakedness. The sun and the moon are directly opposite one another, and the sun’s light is warming and brightening the moon FULLMOONviaMYSTICMAMMA-comcompletely. This is a phase of fertility- dreams have come to full bloom, intentions have sprouted, and the energy of the moon is intense.  You may feel a well of emotions, stronger than other phases. They may be passionate and full, or fiery and hot. The full moons energy is so strong, it’s recommended that you bathe in the moonlight to recharge yourself, as well as dragging your crystals out to recharge as well. Allow yourself to take in the positive energy of this phase, rather than letting the tension get the best of you.

How can you take this energy and use it for your higher good?

Waning Gibbous: The moon begins to retreat, and at this phase, it’s a little more than 3/4 of the way full. As it begins to wane, allow yourself to rid of bad habits, negative thoughts, and useless relationships. Begin to purge yourself for the coming new moon cycle, where you can begin again. Open up lines of communication with others and share your deeper feelings.

How can you rid yourself of things that no longer serve you?

Last Quarter: The moon is illuminated one half, once more. This is a time of calm, contemplative reflection of ones self.  We have reaped the harvest of our intentions, and this is a time for relaxation and immersion within. We have begun to rid of the old, making way for the new. Allow yourself to calm, slow down, and be grateful for all you have accomplished, and how you can sew the seed again.

What old selfs have you shed, and how can you make room for the new?

Waning Crescent: The moon is now illuminated by less than one half, and it’s slowly retreating into darkness again. This cycle is beginning to end, and the new one is around dadd8a4c3f303eb3322fc069eb14efccthe corner. Allow yourself, if you desire, to withdraw from the world and focus inward. Allow yourself to finish any business left undone, and then release all that cannot be fixed. You’ve run through a whole cycle. Maybe you haven’t even been aware of all you have done, the harvests you have sewn and reaped, but your soul may be longing for that inward sense of rest. Allow it.

Give yourself what you need. Rest your body, meditate, and take care of yourself. 


What is your favorite moon phase, and why? When do you feel your most authentic self? Please share in the comments.


Love & Light.


3 thoughts on “Following the Moon Phases

  1. acrosstheyoniverseblog says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I’m currently breastfeeding and still have no cycle and finding it so difficult to understand my emotions coming up to this full moon. I feel as though this article has just given me enough strength to really start tapping in and honouring the moon phases 🌙✨🙏🏻 thank you!


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