Small Business Friday

Hello & happy Friday everyone! I am really excited to introduce four new wonderful small businesses to you ranging from jewelry to manifestation kits, these small shops offer a lot for any metaphysical practice you have.

As a reminder: Why shop small?

Shopping small has big benefits. Shopping small businesses gives back to the community more through taxes, where big companies don’t. Small businesses add more jobs, whereas big businesses tend to eliminate jobs from local people. Shopping small creates a sense of community- coming together to share and admire things we have in common with one another.  And of course, shopping small helps out normal, everyday people who have families to support, and just want to share the products they are passionate about with the community.

Featured Small Businesses:

DAZling Jewelry


Instagram: @dakini38

Dazling Jewelery is a shop owned and operated by Dakini Zito. Her jewelry designs are handmade by her, one at a time and all unique. She began creating jewelry at 9 years old, playing around with beaded pieces and macramé.  As she grew she began making pendants, and now stays home with her three children, selling her jewelry online and at local metaphysical shops.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetDakini graciously sent me four of her beautiful creations and they are all so gorgeously created, wrapped, and cared for both in the making the items and the delivery. In her package was a copper moon pendant, which was crafted and sent with a leather cord. There was a gorgeous copper wrapped peach moonstone ring, as well as a wand crafted from clay and quartz points on each end. Lastly, she sent a copper wrapped citrine & aura quartz pendant that was so beautiful, I wore it immediately. I can feel her passion for her work through her pieces and the way she speaks about her company and her desires to grow the company and reach a wider audience. If you are interested in any of Dakini’s pieces, visit her Instagram or Etsy shop.




Instagram: @kariscrystals

KarisCrystals is an Instagram shop owned and operated by Kari Dern, out of New York City. Kari was introduced to the jewelry business by a Thai jewelry artist named Anothai Hanson. Hanson created beautiful pieces of jewelry for celebrities at the time, and also had a tribe of regular customers called “the crystal goddesses,” of which Kari was one. As Hanson was preparing to move to Thailand to be with her aging mother, she took Kari Processed with VSCO with c1 presetunder her wing and taught her how to make the wonderful pieces that were so influential in Kari’s life. Hanson’s work not only influenced Kari, but also showed her the differences Kari wanted to create with her own art. Hanson’s jewelry was beautiful, and tribal, using a lot of leather. Kari wanted her shop to be cruelty-free, and while she took many methods of Hanson’s to heart, she decided to create her jewelry without any leather cords and opted to use hand woven cords instead.


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetKari started seriously creating more jewelry pieces in April of 2017, and started selling locally in NYC, and then spread her shop to Instagram. She recently left her full time job for a kombucha startup as well as fully dedicating herself to her jewelry shop. She continues to make one of a kind, gorgeous
statement pieces- each with their own amazing energies and vibrations. Kari graciously sent me one of her amazing works of art, and the minute I held it I could feel the amount of love that went into creating it. She uses large crystals in her work, which allows for the piece of jewelry to be the main focal point of any outfit. I suggest while wearing one of Kari’s pieces to wear a neutral and simple outfit to really display the wonderful work of art around your neck.


Cloak and Kettle

Instagram: @cloakandkettle

Cloak and Kettle is run by Erin McGrail, who runs her business out of New Jersey. Erin began her business in January of 2017. Two years prior, in 2015, Erin began her own spiritual journey to find what resonated with her, and her beliefs- in which did much research in books, classes, and workshops- and when she came to her own calling, she wanted to share it with the world. That is when Cloak and Kettle was born. She is always looking for new ways to help facilitate healing and joy to others, through her products. To quote Erin, “I believe it is important to share my products with the world so that others may learn to take their health into their own hands and treat themselves in a holistic manner.”Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Erin has a variety of products that she sells, and I was drawn to her rose soap and manifestation kit. After consulting with Erin (to which she patiently explained each kits uses and whats included), I felt very drawn to the Healing Kit. I thought I could use a bit of healing and soothing at this time life, and she graciously sent me one. When I received it, along with the soap, the kit came with an oil, a crystal, and a candle with a stand. It had a very soothing energy to it, and I follow the instruction Erin typed out in detail as I used the kit. I felt a clearing of pent up energy, and it was beautiful. If you’d like to check out Erin’s products, check out her Instagram.



Mod Antiquities


Instagram: rene.elizabeth

Mod Antiquites is a jewelry company run by Rene Cedillo based out of Dallas, Texas. Rene’s business is unique due to the fact that she donates a portion of her proceeds to the  environmentally conscious organization Greenpeace. According to Rene, this began when she started working with aluminum in her jewelry and becoming curious on the mining and manufacturing process of the metal. She began her own research, and finding the effects of mining on the environment and people surrounding the mines, Processed with VSCO with c1 presetdecided she would like to give back. To quote Cedillo’s website directly “It would be ideal to live a pure life, a life without metals. But it’s not realistic. What is realistic though, is the fact that we can support our brothers and sisters fighting the green fight. In this way, we too can fight for regulations, rules and boundaries. I love that Greenpeace is a global organization. I love that they’re a voice for the people. I love that they push back against governments and strive for, essentially, green-peace.” And who can’t get behind that?

Rene sent me a beautiful tassel, which features white, recycled fabric, with gold toned brass and raw amethyst covered in gold foil. She named this beautiful tassel the Tulum Tassel. Rene explained that she names all of her pieces after ancient cities, which I found to be a very cool and unique idea! I loved her use of recycled materials to go into a beautiful new piece for her clients- allowing the old to turn into a new treasure. Her jewelry is gorgeous, raw, and earthy, and hard to resist. If you’d like to purchase a piece of environmentally conscious jewelry that gives back to a wonderful organization, visit her website or Instagram.


Thank you for supporting local and small businesses! If you are a small business the would like to participate please email me at

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