Small Businesses Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! I recently made a post on my Instagram, asking if you’d like to see reviews about small businesses that I think would really fit the theme here- businesses involved in yoga, wellness, sacred feminine, crystals, etc. The responses were an overwhelming yes! I’ve reached out and collaborated with some small businesses and brands whose products I really admire, and I am so happy to share them with you! This is will be a bi-weekly post, so you will gather a lot of wonderful little businesses under your belt to shop from!

Why shop small businesses?

Shopping small has big benefits. Shopping small businesses gives back to the community more through taxes, where big companies don’t. Small businesses add more jobs, whereas big businesses tend to eliminate jobs from local people. Shopping small creates a sense of community- coming together to share and admire things we have in common with one another.  And of course, shopping small helps out normal, everyday people who have families to support, and just want to share the products they are passionate about with the community.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThe Featured Small Businesses:

Willow & Birch-  

website: www.  

Instagram: @willowandbirch1

Willow and Birch is a small business comprising of Debbie Schaffer and Tami Davis. They are friends, moon lovers, and believers in making a difference with the use of natural products from the earth. Upon reaching out to them, I was really fascinated by their moon phase candles. They have a candle for the New Moon and the Full Moon. Since the Full Moon is approaching us, I decided this would be the product that I wanted to try from their business. I learned from the owners that each ingredient put into the candle (botanical, essential oil, and crystals) all resonate with the energy of the specific moon cycle. If you need to the energy of the Full Moon but we’re in the waxing or waning phase, using the candle is the next best thing. You will always have the Full Moon energy at your fingertips.

The candle smells wonderful, like of the earth. It has bits of dried herbs and berries, crystals, and flowers. It comes with a cute, clean label and well packaged. Im excited to use it this full moon as part of boosting the full moon energy. They also sell other products made of high quality natural material, and crystals. Their products are a labor of love, which is evident in the care they take in making their products and also the way they speak of them.

Gems & Thread-


Instagram: @gemsandthread

Gems and Thread is based out of Toronto, Canada by the owner and creator Melissa Kari.   Being drawn to stones and crystals, Melissa searched for a creative outlet as a way to create solace for herself and cultivate her own happiness. She began to create jewelry as a way to harness the power of the stones and wear them upon the body.  Gems and Thread crystals are handpicked and individually handcrafted to create unique and beautiful jewelry which allows each piece to be completely unique and one of a kind.  Processed with VSCO with c1 presetQuoting from the Gems and Thread website, “My goal is to make you feel something while you’re here. You can wear these knowing that each has a story and that they’ve been made with the purest intentions. Consider them little lockets of love and luck from my heart to yours. More importantly, acknowledge and invite the energy you want to allow in your space when wearing or carrying them.”

Speaking with Melissa personally, I asked her to pick out and create unique pieces for me that she thinks that I would enjoy. Upon receiving the box, I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful pieces she created for me. Delicate pieces made of citrine and amethyst- two of my favorite stones- wrapped beautifully in copper wire, which really emphasizes the beauty of the stones. The crystals are in their raw state which I really loved, and they looked so natural and beautiful while wearing them. They were so loved, in fact, that my two young daughters were arguing over which ones they can have, and I have yet to break the news to them that I plan to keep both for myself.

Higher Living Yoga


Instagram: @higherlivingyoga


Higher Living Yoga is a yoga marketing company by the husband and wife team, Matt and Seantay. They are fellow yogis whose mission is to help other yogis learn how to brand themselves, learn about marketing and learn how to get their blogs or other channels out there to be seen. They have an entire Yoga Branding Bundle that is a
wonderful jumping off point for any up and coming yoga business to use and get their feet wet in the process of marketing and advertising. My husband and I, together, took their Yoga Branding Bundle course and found it to be immensely helpful. You begin with a 10 page Game Plan that allows you to break down and organize exactly what you want your yoga business to look like, and you follow up with an easy 7 step program on how to  build your own website. Lastly, you finish off with eight modules that explain how to market yourself, build a following, and create an action plan. My husband and I gathered so much knowledge on how to build a website and how to begin marketing The Wild Feminine. It integrates other websites that are useful to create domain names, set up web conferences, stream yoga classes online, and set up email automation to keep in contact with the following you’ve built. For me personally, I am not as business minded as some others are, and this was so helpful to break down for me exactly how to begin setting up my own business. I highly recommend this easy online course for anyone who needs help setting up a yoga business, creating a website, and learning to market.


Wise Woman Virtual Caravan 


Instagram: @wisewomancaravan 

Wise Woman Caravan is a collaboration of efforts between Tracey Bethune and Sena Shellenberger. Tracey is spiritual teacher, a woman’s transformational coach, quantum mechanics and neuroscience goddess. Sena is a carrier of cacao medicine and 500 hr yoga teacher. They collaborated together to create the Wise Woman Caravan monthly subscription box. You will receive a monthly box that holds items that you will use in FullSizeRender
your monthly Virtual Masterclass. The Virtual Masterclass is an online gathering of women, where there are in depth spiritual teachings and cleansing of energy and helps to jumpstart the process of healing. You will be taught to use the items that came in your box, and how to harness their energy and power for healing on your body, mind and spirit.

I received a beautifully packaged box filled with a bunch of goodies that went along with the Heart Chakra Masterclass. In my box, I received rose-infused chocolate (which will be made into a drink during the masterclass), lavender essential oil, a bundle of white sage, a gorgeous stringed crystal bracelet, and a specially picked oracle card just for me. On June 11th, and I will sign in online and take the masterclass, learning how to use the items in the box, and connect with my fellow sisters all in the name of healing the mind and body. There are a lot of subscription boxes on the market these days, but I really love how Wise Woman Caravan continues to interact with you after you receive your box through the Masterclass. To me, that shows me that they truly care about each subscriber, and have a deep passion for sharing their gifts of healing with others.


Please give these hardworking small businesses a look- you will be pleasantly surprised to find beautiful items, amazing teachings, and wonderful people behind the names of these businesses. And if you would like to be a part of the next Small Business Friday, please email me at or message me on Instagram.

Love and Light.

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