Reiki & Energywork

Let me be honest with you, when I first learned about Reiki, I was skeptical. Having grown up in a not so honest or trustworthy church, any form of “hands on healing” seemed not only like a scam, but almost offensive to me. Many times in my childhood I had seen hands on “healing,” and at a young age, came to see what a charade it was, a ploy to receive money from a person in need of healing. My skepticism to Reiki was the exact reason I wanted to jump in head first and become a Reiki master- I wanted to explore in depth what a different form of energy work was all about and to see if it can widen my narrow view on the subject.

In fact, I had gone through both Level I and Level II of Reiki, and was in the middle of my Master level before I had the nerve to ask the possibly offensive question. And the answer was simple, but made complete sense to me.

” I don’t want to come off as rude- but I need to know something. How is Reiki any different than evangelical healing that is clearly a scam?”

My teacher (and friend), answered “Because Reiki is done with the sole intention of love and nothing else.”

And that made perfect sense to me. I believe in energy, I believe that energy can heal us- and when that energy is used with complete and utter love, rather than ill intent, it has the power to shift and heal.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is defined as “a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.”

If you break down the work Reiki, Rei translates to “Higher Intelligence” or “Source” and Ki translates to “Life energy,” or the energy that flows through all living things.

How does Reiki work?

We know that energy flows through the body. Sometimes, this energy can grow stagnant or remain blocked. There are energy pathways in the body called chakras, and when a chakra is out of balance- either spinning too slow, or too fast- it needs to be healed. The life force energy within us is easily affected by both physical factors and emotional ones. Our energy is affected if we encounter stress, depression, or anger.

A Reiki master or practitioner can use the life force energy to heal a client. To practice Reiki, one must undergo “attunements”- where it is passed down from a Reiki Master to a student learning it. Once attuned, a Reiki practitioner can channel the Reiki energy to heal. This is done through either gentle hands on practice or hovering over the body. Some Reiki masters, including myself, prefer to use other tools such as stones or feathers.   The traditional Reiki symbols, which are given to a student one by one in each Level of study, are also incorporated depending on if you need physical, emotional or spiritual healing.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

To quote The Health Site, “Reiki treatment increases your supply of life force energy and helps you heal quickly. It promotes relaxation, makes you feel at peace, and reduces your stress. You start moving toward your unique physical, mental, and spiritual balance, and your body’s own healing mechanisms begin to function more effectively.”


Recently, my mother had an interesting conversation. I’ve told my mother that I became a Reiki master, but she doesn’t really know what that means, and I haven’t really explained it either. She was recently at a birthday party for a friend, and she was telling them how I have learned Reiki. One of the women at the party leaned into her and said “You don’t want to get mixed up in something like Reiki- it’s evil!”  When she told me that, I couldn’t help but laugh. One of the first things you learn in Reiki Level I is that Reiki is never used for ill will or harm to another person. Reiki is about unconditional love, and using that love as a means of healing, but never to do harm. And how can something so pure and loving be “evil”? Allowing the mind to expand and encompass things that are new to you is the beginning of healing.

If you haven’t tried Reiki and you feel you are in need of healing, either emotionally or physically, give it a try. It’s such a beautiful practice.


Love and Light.


7 thoughts on “Reiki & Energywork

  1. Elisa says:

    I still do not care for Reiki and there are a lot of fakes who have NO idea that going thru the motions after being ‘attuned’ is BUNK. If one is a natural quantum touch individual one Can describe and share the feeling of energy moving so one that is Born that way can see or grasp what the IT is and then learn to modulate it. I know a lot who make themselves feel better after going through oo ee ee ooo courses that make them ‘special’. Wow, I think that at present I am feeling annoyed, I didn’t know I was SO annoyed. Also energy play or work is NOT play and can be destruction as well as creation. One can vamp and feed as well as transfer their own icky crap onto another unsuspecting individual in this way. I am of the mind that grounding first before all else, which in my experiences seem to leave a LOT lacking. Energy simply IS, the intent is what it becomes sort of. So if i am ego intent on healing, first I must create sick so that I can feel good about me to do Reiki in the first place. This is destructive–to me.

    All that said, Thank you for sharing. I like seeing the experience strength and hope of others. Discourse can also shine a lot on areas of unknowing. 🙂


  2. Autumn says:

    I am so interested in learning reiki and becomin attuned to one day become a reiki master! What are some tips to get started? How do I find a reiki teacher?


  3. Memoirs of the Quiet says:

    I am taking my courses next month and I came across some “evil” opinions of it and I didn’t think too much into it because I have never been misguided by my intuition, but it was in the back of my head earlier today and I landed on this post and i feel like it was meant for a reason! You touched on exactly what was on my mind ! Thank you for this post ❤️


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