The Sacred Feminine

I began my journey towards the Sacred Feminine while in childbirth. That’s where it started for me. I remember being in labor with my middle child, and really rooting into that strong, warrior woman within. The only thing keeping me from falling off the edge of pain, was thinking about all the ancestors before me. All the women throughout centuries who has been right there, right then, in that moment. I could feel them wrapping their arms around me, comforting me, while I entered into that sacred role of mother again. I could picture them wiping my brow, kissing my forehead, with that deep feeling of knowing what all women know. We are one.

When you become passionate about tapping into the Sacred Feminine, it starts in a different place for everyone. Maybe it’s the delivery room. Maybe it’s the yoga mat. Maybe it’s meditation, or the car, or the office cubicle. You’re there, and then you feel an ancestral connection to woman, and all the women who came before you. And after that, it’s hard to see women differently. The girl next to you on the subway, with the shiny long hair and perfect lips isn’t your enemy, she’s your sister. The beautifully thick, curvy girl in front of you in line isn’t less than or more than you, she’s your equal. We are one.

What is the Sacred Feminine?

Well, let me preface by saying that the Divine, Sacred Feminine is in no way limited to only women. There is a yin and yang within everyone, a masculine and feminine presence. This is as much for men as it is for women.


As Mind, Body, Green puts it: “In yoga these energies are known as Shiva and Shakti, Yin and Yang, Ida and Pingala. The left side of the body relates to the feminine and the right side, the masculine.

Honoring and connecting to the Divine Feminine is an act of worship, not only to oneself, but also to the Divine Mother — the essence of all creation and the God of your own distinct understanding of the universe. It is a sacred connection to Mother Earth and to the very energy of giving birth … to ideas, expressions, dreams, life and existence.”

The Divine Feminine is within all of us, and it’s waiting to be tapped into.

How can we tap into the Sacred Feminine?

1. Walk Barefoot on Gaia, or Mother Earth

Embrace the earth. Ground into her. She was our first mother. She is always there to stabilize and comfort you. Take a steady breath, and imagine as you’re standing, that roots are growing out of your feet into the earth below you. Those roots spread  throughout the earth, and you are now firmly connected to Her, as she cradles you. Breathe in and out with the sound of waves, allowing the beautiful sunshine to wash over you. When you’re ready, open your eyes. Allow yourself to find a beautiful spot to take in the beauty of the Earth. Whether under a tree, near some flowers or a river. Admire the feminine beauty before you.

2. Connect with the Lunar Phases

This one is very important, especially for women. Understanding where the Moon is in how-to-awaken-the-divine-feminine-within-you-twin-flame-twin-flame-confusion-twin-flame-relationships-twin-flame-reunion-twin-flame-separation-twin-flame-stages-twin-flames-twinher cycle will help you connect to your own cycle and begin an understanding of yourself more deeply. For example, before I began to follow the lunar cycles, I would have ebbs and flows of emotion each month. Periodically, I would have moments of withdrawing from others. I would go deeper within myself, and stay there. Initially, it bothered me. I wondered why I was “behaving” that way. Why I was pushing people at arms length. When I began to follow the moon cycles, I noticed a pattern emerging. Each New Moon phase correlated with when I was withdrawn and introspective. Instead of wondering what was “wrong” with me, I began to realize that the New Moon is cause for calm introspection. I began to embrace that side of me, with feelings of safety and admiration. This is how my cycle functions, this is how the Lunar cycle functions.

3.  Use the power of crystals

Gather feminine stones that release a calm, yin energy. Find beautiful pastel colored stones to add to your collection, and admire them for not only their beauty, but for their feminine healing powers. Rose Quartz is considered a stone of unconditional love, which directly correlates with the deep feminine love of a mother. Moonstone, which holds a connection to Grandmother Moon’s lunar energy is another feminine stone. As legend goes, it waxes and wanes in vibrancy with the moons cycles. Jade, Lapis Lazuli, and  Garnet are all other beautiful options to own. Clearing your stones of any negative energy when you first purchase and bring them home is necessary, and then charging them in the bright, powerful energy of the Full Moon will enhance their power. Play with them, rub them along your skin and feel their cool energy. Get to know them.

Tap into your own Sacred Feminine. Whatever that means for you. Move your body, dance in your living room, smile at another woman whose beauty you admire. Connect deeply with your fellow sisters. Feel that thread that connects us all.

Light and Love.

10 thoughts on “The Sacred Feminine

  1. earthenergygemstones says:

    What a beautifully written article! I thoroughly enjoyed reading more about the Sacred Feminine. My moment of awakening to it was when I sat with my sisters some 20+ years ago in a drumming circle and passed the talking stick to speak from our hearts. I also read books such as Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes and saw the deep, deep connection we share with all women throughout time.There is a powerful thread that binds us together and we are one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thewildfeminine says:

      Thank you so much sister. That sounds like such a beautiful experience. I’ve always wanted to go to a drumming circle. I might have to just start one myself!
      I actually just bought that book and can’t wait to dive into it!!! I’m so so excited!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. earthenergygemstones says:

    Yes, do start a drumming circle!! You can’t imagine how powerful they become over time and they really teach you how to walk between worlds. Incredible experiences! While they’re wonderful at any time, they seem to have exceptional power during the full and new moons.

    I hope you enjoy that book!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rawsh Of The Earth says:

    Beautiful post. I especially liked the correlation between the lunar and the feminine cycle. I have been thinking a lot about the feminine energy and wanted to write about it. It was a pleasure reading this post


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