Full Moon in Scorpio

Have you been reflecting on your intentions that you created and set for the new moon in Taurus at the beginning of the month? Hopefully as the phases have been cycling through, you’ve been warming up to putting them into action. With the full moon approaching tomorrow, now is the time to put those beautiful intentions in action to begin to manifest.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The Scorpio energy of the full moon this month is about transformation. It’s about change and shift, and this energy can be used to propel you forward. The energy is powerful around this full moon, and it may feel uncomfortable and a little scary, use this energy to manifest the transformation that you want in your life. It is the month of May, and this is the Flower Moon, meaning things are springing to life and blooming. You can spring to life and bloom as well. In fact, if you have been feeling a little uneasy as of late, feeling the swirling effects of change around you, it has been leading up to this point for you to put your plans into action. If it makes you feel uneasy, remember you own personal power at this time to give you the confidence to follow through with your intentions.

How do you claim and own your personal power? It’s about connecting with your higher self. The self outside of your physical self, your emotional self, and connecting with that wiser, more knowing self. The one that resides within that most of the time we block out.  During this Scorpio full moon is the perfect time to make that connection with your higher self, to reacquaint yourself with the wiser version of you. Open up to where the universe, and your higher self want to guide you, and really harness the powerful effects of this moon.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

While connecting to yourself, this full moon also has a very powerful pull to be intimate with others, to have a real genuine connection with another being. It’s calling you to be heard, seen, acknowledged and understood by another soul on a deep, emotional level. That links around in a beautiful loop, what we need from others, we really need from ourselves as well. Understanding ourselves on a deep, emotional level. Hearing, seeing, understanding, acknowledging ourselves.

Don’t let this full moon mess with you too much. The energy is strong, and that puts us in a place to not always trust what we see or hear. Use this full moon to dig deep, peel back the layers, and discover a new layer of yourself you may have never noticed before. Use it to see through new eyes, not only in yourself but in others as well. Things may not always be how they seem, but maybe its because you’re not looking at it with the right set of eyes.

I encourage and invite you to set some time aside to do a Full Moon Grounding meditation, which I will lay out for you:

Take the time to venture outside under the light of the full moon. Allow yourself to sit, stand, or lay on the earth, preferably barefoot. Imagine that roots are coming from your body, down deep into Mother Earth below you. Allow this to provide you with the feeling of stability and security. Mother Earth has you, safe and warm in her arms. Melt into her nurturing, feminine nature.  Allow the body to relax, to melt into the earth. Slowing the breath and breathing deeply, breathe in fresh, clean thoughts, and exhale stress and negativity. When you’re ready, imagine the soft, pale moonlight coming down and surround your body in a warm blanket of white light.  Feel the moon’s clean, pure energy envelope you. When you feel safe and ready, lift the gaze to the moon, and admire her beauty. Thank her for her effects in your life, the lessons she teaches you, and your awareness to how her cycles influence your own life.

Love and Light, my friends.

6 thoughts on “Full Moon in Scorpio

  1. ❦Just Me❦ says:

    Is it full moon in Scorpio right now? And for how long? I ask because 1, I haven’t checked the moon, haha…and I wonder how long the phase lasts? This article describes me to a T right now…thank you.


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