Crystal Monday: Fluorite

For the weekly crystal post, I want to talk about one of my very favorites, and also one of the first crystals I ever owned. A few years ago, when my interests were expanding into the metaphysical world, I stepped foot into this beautiful store in Flagstaff, Arizona, with a limited budget. I needed something that would cheer up my day, provide beautiful healing potential, but still fit in my pocket. And then I stumbled on the fluorite display. I was aProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetmazed by the fluid, swirling colors of green, blue and purple. It was calling to me. And that’s when I purchased my first, and only, fluorite.

 Whether you’re beginning to dabble in meditation, or already have an established meditation routine, fluorite can bring an extra balance to your practice. It helps the mind move past the chatter, and yo-yoing thoughts that are so distracting while trying to quiet and silence the mind. It facilitates us to move into a deeper consciousness during our meditation, and allow for greater healing.

Fluorite is perfect for bringing balance to the emotional state as well. It’s a stone with a calming energy, allowing us to relieve tension or anxiety. It surpasses the feelings of depression, allowing a clearer, crisper mental state. It also helps to reduce that mental fog that plagues so many of us (hand raised!). With that said, using fluorite with the third eye chakra, and crown chakra, it can allow us to tap into our intuitive abilities, connecting us deeper to Source. Fluorite is also considered a “dream crystal”. Keeping a piece by your bed or under your pillow at night, it allows the soul or spirit to transcend and explore at night freely, opening one up to vivid and intuitive dreams. Fluorite is also the perfect stone if one needs to work on relationships- whether romantic or friendships. It allows the wearer to see and think objectively in a situation, allowing for
me more understanding of situations. It promotes relationships that flourish, and thrive, with the wearers having clear thinking and more understanding and compassion for one another.

Another interesting use of fluorite is it’s capabilities to tap into past life recollections. If one is meditating, or using a hypnotherapist to tap into a past life, having a piece of fluorite around can help the soul find its way to its earlier sources of being. In fact, the other day I was wearing a piece of fluorite, and out of the blue I had this overwhelming sense of deja vu. I’ve experienced that feeling before, but so rarely, I felt like the fluorite’s energy and vibrations helped facilitate the feeling.

The use of fluorite in older generations goes back thousands of years. It was used for carvings of Gods & Goddesses, jewelry, bowls and vases. It was used by a whole variety of people, including the ancient Egyptians, Romans, French, Germans, and more. Archeologists have found pieces of carved fluorite in the ruins of Pompeii. The fact that it has a Mohs hardness of 4, very few pieces of ancient art made of fluorite have made it to the present day.

I invite you to share in the comments your experiences, photos, and uses of your fluorite pieces.

Love and Light.

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