My Journey

Good morning, friends. Yesterday was supposed to be Yoga Wednesdays, but, I had such a busy day getting ready for yoga teaching graduation! Instead of work shopping a pose with all of you, I want to really dive into my journey about the process of yoga teacher training, and what it meant to me and how it changed me for the better.

In August of last year, I was at a yoga class, and after listening to the instructor throughout the class, I had this thought. “I can do this!” Why not? Yoga is my passion, I have been practicing for 15 years, why not pass on my knowledge and love of yoga to others? That night, I went home and said to my husband, “I want to get my certification to teach yoga.” He’s always so supportive of what my passions and desires are, and he completely agreed. IMG_2826

See, in September of 2015, my uncle died unexpectedly. And from what I received from his will, I put towards my schooling for yoga. I wanted to do something that would not only make him proud, but me proud of myself. I wanted to do something for me, searching a bit for my independence and purpose. So, in September of 2016 I started my schooling. I had this goal of getting my certificate and being a yoga teacher, had my sights set on that focus. I didn’t realize how much the process would change me, going through eight months of schooling with 25 other beautiful souls and two amazing teachers and guides.

On the last night of class, my teachers asked us a very intriguing question. “What is a question you had answered, going through this process, that you didn’t know you were even asking?” Man, thats a deep one. But then it hit me. My question was “Is now the time to heal?” I am such a rug sweeper. As in, I avoid all conflict and tension in my life by sweeping everything under the rug. Out of sight, out of mind, right? No. It’s always there- and throughout my journey in school it started seeping out. I felt a lot of anger throughout this process, I felt a lot of sadness and depression working it’s way out, and I was confused. Im on this journey to enlightment and doing something that should make me happy, why am I in such a dark place right now? The answer is simple. My soul was on a journey towards the light. And in that process, things needed to seep their way out to the light as well. They needed to be confronted. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Well, I can say I am not quite there yet. This was a jumping off point for me. I am still a rug sweeper, but I am becoming more okay with things finding their way into the light and I will start to honor them and resolve them. Slowly, but surely. Because what I learned throughout the last eight months is that things will be okay, as long as I  have the time and patience to accept them as they are, and confront them. Twenty five beautiful souls and 2 amazing teachers helped me find my way, and it’s a journey I will continue for the rest of my life. Yoga isn’t about the poses, it isn’t about how flexible you are or how much heat you can handle. It’s about the process of the soul. It’s about finding your higher self. The more authentic you. I am on my way. I honor the journey my soul has embarked on.

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