Crystals Monday: Smokey Quartz

There are two stones that I am always drawn to the minute I enter a crystal store. Those are moonstone, and smokey quartz. I know many people are drawn to the bright colors of azurite or malachite, the deep purples of amethyst, or the popping hues of calcite. But for me, the subtleness but deep powerful energy coming from both moonstone and smokey quartz just draw me in like a magnet. In fact, lately, I’ve noticed that about 3/4 of all the stones I have brought home lately have been smokey quartz.

Recently, on a trip down to Tucson, I was on a hunt for a few crystals and stones to addProcessed with VSCO with s3 preset
to my collection. I entered a quaint shop, and they had a few selections to choose from, but not many. Until this beautiful smokey quartz caught my eye. It was a little nub sticking out of what I believe is feldspar, with a few sparkly things all around it that I couldn’t identify. I knew it was meant to be mine, but when I heard the price I knew I couldn’t afford it. I asked the lady to let me talk it over with my husband, and when we decided it wasn’t feasible at the moment, she told me it needed to go home with me, and she knew it, so she discounted it 50%…I couldn’t believe the blessing I just received! The draw I have to smokey quartz, and the draw it has to me has been powerful lately.

A tailsman to the root chakra, smokey quartz comes in a beautiful array of shades. From the deep gray color of storm clouds, to a brownish hue of bourbon, smokey quartz is a powerful stone that connects to our mother earth in deep ways. Smokey quartz has been used throughout ancient times in many ritualistic ways, to honor gods and goddesses, or to guide souls peacefully into the afterlife. It’s a stone of grounding the soul, and of protecting one from negative energy. Holding a piece of the beautiful stone can ward off anxiety attacks, stress or tension, and bring peace in the midsts of emotional upset.

Using a piece of smokey quartz during mediation not only allows the negative feelings bubble to the surface, it helps to expel the emotions and dissolve them, allProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetowing more peaceful and positive energies to take the place of the old, negative emotions.  This being said, it is very important to cleanse or clear your smokey quartz often. Cleansing it through power of water, moonlight, or sage are very beneficial to keeping your stone clear of the negative energies and vibrations it picks up. Left uncleared, your stone will harbor all of the ill feelings you’ve released in
to it.

Smokey quartz is very beneficial for using during chakra balancing. Try placing it on the root chakra during meditation. The root chakra is responsible for the basic survival instincts, and the feelings of being safe and secure. When you aren’t feeling safe and secure in your life, bringing special attention to the root chakra, and utilizing stones such as smokey quartz can bring a grounding, st
able effect to the chakra regaining balance to that area of life.

What have you noticed are the most powerful effects of using smokey quartz?

Love and light, friends.

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