Yoga Wednesdays: SunBird (Chakoravakasana)

Happy Wednesday, my friends! I sure hope that by now, you’ve set your wonderful New Moon intentions for the new phase tonight and have begun to meditate upon it. As for  me, my New Moon intention is to find that inner stillness that I feel I have been lacking as of lately. I’ve been so busy trying to build and create what my heart is telling me is my purpose, that I have neglected that inner stillness I am craving. What’s your intention for the Moon?

As promised, Wednesdays are all about yoga! Today, I want to focus on one of my favorite balancing poses, Sunbird. I use this in almost all of my flows, the ones I have created for school and classes, and my own personal practice. I love how it builds the heat up in the core, setting up for the fire portion of my flow.  Sunbird is a wonderful pose for beginner yogis, as it helps build stability and balance on the ground, for those more challenging balancing poses that may come later in your evolving practice.

Quoting from the Yoga Toolbox, about Sunbird, “In ancient India, it was believed that the “chakora” bird was immortal because it sustained itself by drinking the rays of the moon, or “amrita”, the nectar of mortality. In this pose, a balance of strength and serenity ensures our vitality, giving us a clear sense of direction along our life journey.”

The benefits of Sunbird pose are that it stabilizes the spine, pelvic and shoulder girdles. StrengthenProcessed with VSCO with s3 presets the core and the lower back, helps improve scoliosis, and brings a balance and stability for the yogi.

So, lets workshop it! Come into tabletop position. Bring the shoulders directly
underneath the wrists, and the hips directly above the knees. Your toes can be curled or uncurled. I prefer curling my toes for my stability. Keep the back flat, as if someone can put a glass of water (or your favorite beverage…wine anyone?) on Processed with VSCO with s3 presetyour back and it wouldn’t topple over. You are in your set up position for Sunbird.

Inhale, bringing your right leg up, hip height. Making sure to keep your hips squared, not flailing your right hip upwards. We have a straight line from your toes to the crown of your
head. Once you find your balance, inhale bringing the left hand forward, palm facing the midline. Balancing here, this is Sunbird.  You can choose to get a little funky if you wanted! Feel free to inhale lengthening your sunbir
d, and exhale, bringing the elbow to the knee for a crunch, Processed with VSCO with s3 presetand repeat as many times as you like. Repeat on the other side.

Right now, with the New Moon, would be a wonderful time
to practice Sunbird. As the legend goes, the chakora bird drank in the energy and rays of the moon. Lets all drink in the energy of this moon this evening, embracing the ways of the sunbird.

Love and Light, my friends.

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