Small Business Friday


Happy Friday! We have another wonderful group of small businesses this week to share, ranging from fandom jewelry to breast oils. Have you ever heard of breast oil before? Me either, but now that I have tried it, I love it! So, let’s jump in!

The Featured Businesses:

Moon and Earth Jewelry

Instagram: moonandearthjewlery

Moon and Earth Jewelry is a company run by Kate, a mother of three sweet babies just outside of Vancouver. After experiencing her first Reiki session, Kate became a full believer in the healing power of vibrations and energy manipulation. Knowing of crystals and stones vibrational power, Kate began creating her own earrings for herself, which eventually she began to gift them to her friends, and those friends convinced her to begin selling them. “I came up with the name to reflect how the moon pulling at the earth is apparent through the tides, and that the things surrounding us pull and shift and change us in the same way. I like to think that we can facilitate positive changes and positive influence through the stones and gems we choose to focus on,” Kate explained.

Kate kindly sent me four of her beautiful earring creations- using stones of Sodalite, FullSizeRenderClear Quartz, Brecciated Jasper, and Howlite. Each pair came with a description of the stones and their metaphysical uses. For example, Howlite was described as: Sacred Buffalo Stone used for calming, communication, self expression, grounding, balance, and decreasing anger. Personally, I love knowing the stones individual metaphysical and vibrational uses without having to look them up. It made it easy for me to choose which pair I wanted to wear, depending on my feelings or situations that day. Each pair was mounted on silver mounts with backings, with raw stones. I received a handful of compliments when I wore my clear quartz pair to class one evening! If you want to see Kate’s beautiful work, check out her instagram page.

The Essential Hippy


Instagram: theessentialhippy

The Essential Hippy is all in the name. It’s essential- for hippies and non-hippies alike. If you’re into looking for alternatives for your toxic run of the mill beauty and hygiene products, The Essential Hippy probably has what you are looking for. The Essential Hippy is run by Amber and her husband Dave, in the foothills of beautiful North Carolina. Amber is first and foremost a mother, and secondly the owner of this health conscious company. In fact, I’ve frequented The Essential Hippy a few times and have purchased adorable items from her.

This time Amber graciously sent me her Moon Oil, and Honeysuckle Spray. The name Moon Oil stuck out to me, as I do love the moon quite a bit. After reading the description, and finding that it was a breast-health oil, I was intrigued. Who really spends extra attention on their breasts? Or am I the only one not paying that much attention to that il_570xN.1218929361_9j33area…? Regardless, the Moon Oil is made with poke root, which is known to promote breast health. I’ve been using it regularly each night after I take a bath, and it feels so luxurious and sensual to rub in each night, and knowing it’s serving an actually healthy purpose is just a bonus. Once I am done giving myself a lovely breast massage, I spray myself with honeysuckle spray and head to bed. It’s a nice ritual I’ve created with her products.  Amber has a wide range of products from salves to crystals to hair and body oils and elixirs. Each handcrafted by her and her husband, with your health and wellbeing in mind. When asking Amber about her goals, she answered “My goals are simple… always do what your passion is. It’s not about becoming a large, mainstream business. We are simple people doing what makes us happy.



Instagram: tuorenaturals

Tuore is a skincare line created and run by Kriss, out of California. Upon being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 15 years ago, Kriss was inspired to heal herself naturally rather than going the typical western route of medicine. She began to focus on what she put into her body, as well as what she put on it. Her body needed a total detox internally cleanser09_1024x1024and externally. That doesn’t always come easily though, as a lot of natural products aren’t always lovely to use or smell. In turn, this created her to start her own line of skincare, and pass that healing knowledge onto others who may need it.

Kriss graciously sent me her vanilla infused body oil and the coconut cleansing powder. Upon opening the vanilla body oil, my first instinct was to sniff it because…well, vanilla. Oh my goodness! This smells like some sort of heavenly dreamsicle on a beautiful summer day. It also feels so luxurious to rub in after a warm bath or shower. I love the scent it leaves on my body that lingers so subtly throughout the day. I also received her coconut cleaning powder. It has this beautiful citrusy coconut smell to it that is so nice, especially knowing the scent comes from a natural source. It’s made with a few different clays, as well as coconut powder. I really enjoy how you mix it yourself to the consistency you desire, and after my face feels exfoliated but still really moisturized. If you are need of natural skincare or feel the need to detoxify some of your beauty items, give Tuore a peek.

Triumph Collection


Instagram: triumphcollection

If you’re on the look out for a new Wonderwoman accessory now that the new movie has come out, or have another fandom in mind, the Triumph Collection is a good shop to take a peek at. It’s run on Etsy by Kate, a 31 year old photographer from Rhode Island. Kate wanted to collect her own fandom jewelry, having been an avid reader and watcher of Fantasy inspired media, but came to realize it’s all very expensive. It inspired her to create her own fandom jewelry at a great price for herself and others. She is currently selling at Etsy but would love to start selling at local festivals and fairs, so look out for her soon, Rhode Islanders!

il_570xN.1268405531_ouh5Kate kindly sent me two adorable bangle bracelets, a silver one of Dr. Who with a Tardis and a charm with a quote from the show, after explaining to her how much I liked the series. She also sent me a gold Wonderwoman bangle with the Wonderwoman “W” which my two girls promptly wanted as their own. We had just taken to them to see the movie the day Kate’s package came in the mail, and they were alllllll about becoming Wonderwoman themselves! Both brackets were so adorable and simple in the best way. I enjoy having a clean, simple piece on my wrist. I’m not the flashy type, so these two were perfect for me. If you have a favorite show, movie, superhero, or comic book fan, check out Kate’s Triumph Collection.


If you would like to be featured in a future Small Business Friday, please send me an email at or send me an Instagram DM.

Love and Light.

Summer Solistice


Today marks the beginning of the Summer Solstice, or Litha, in the Northern Hemisphere. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year- and the shortest night-where the northern pole of the Earth is pointing the closest to the sun as it will all year, before reversing its position heading back into the wintertime. It marks the height of warmth and sunshine, where summer fruits and vegetables are in full bloom and ripening in the heat. Litha, an ancient celebration of the Summer Solstice, is being widely celebrated today by people of many backgrounds and belief systems – so feel free to participate no matter what your beliefs are! Continue reading “Summer Solistice”

New Moon in Cancer


The new moon is upon us in a few days, this month the new moon is in Cancer. As always, the new moon is a time of rest and rejuvenation, a moment in the month to reflect on all that has been accomplished, and a time to soak it in. The time of introversion and a focus on self care has peaked. Allow yourself to jump head first into this YOU time, remembering that self-care isn’t selfish. Do what your body is telling you it needs, and allow this to be a time where you put yourself above anything else. Continue reading “New Moon in Cancer”

Small Business Friday


Happy Friday everyone! I have four more small businesses that I would love to share with all of you. They range from clothing to vitamins to skincare- and all have been absolutely wonderful to work with, and it has been a joy exploring their company, histories, and products. So, let’s get to it! Continue reading “Small Business Friday”

Embracing Vulnerability and the Raw & Real Project

Vulnerability is such a scary word, isn’t it? Putting yourself out there in such a raw way, allowing whatever may happen, to happen. Allowing yourself to feel your emotions in such a deep way, not only with yourself but whomever you chose to share that vulnerability with. It’s a moment in time where things are actually authentic. That’s such a rare thing in our society these days, where we have social media and all that comes along with it. You can’t be sure what’s real or true these days through the lens and filters of Facebook or Instagram. People love to show their highest and most proud moments, but usually don’t dare to show their moments of being human- full of emotion, insecurity, or authenticity with others. Continue reading “Embracing Vulnerability and the Raw & Real Project”

Following the Moon Phases

Following the Moon Phases

The moon has a strong affect on our everyday world. From our tides and oceans, to our emotions and actions. Most people go about their day and their month unaware of what phase the moon is in, and how it is affecting and directing their life. They may be blissfully unaware of the fact that the full moon is making their emotions more intense, or that the new moon is causing them to feel withdrawn and introspective. We all know the ocean affects the tides, and being made of 75% water, wouldn’t it make sense that the moon has a large pull on us, as well? Continue reading “Following the Moon Phases”