Do Dreams Mean Anything?


This morning I woke up tired, fatigued, after another nights rough sleep with very vivid, strange dreams. In fact, almost every time that I dream, it is usually very vivid in it’s clarity, and makes a lasting impression. I can remember almost all of the details, and think of it throughout the day. Usually my dreams have a bad undertone to them- whether they are scary, depressing, or frightening. I don’t ride on unicorns or slide down rainbows in my dreams like some people. My mom says I dream like my father- heavy, dark and sad.

I woke up after another frightening dream, wondering if they mean anything? We all know of dream analysis, and I have dove into that before trying to dissect the different symbols of my imagination running rampant at night. It did not produce much. I’ve heard that vivid dreaming means you could be clairvoyant, and that always interested me. All of these thoughts were running through my head and I knew I needed to write about it, reaching out to you guys to see what your thoughts and takes are on dreams.

There isn’t much science on the matter, and in fact, science knows very little about dreaming at all. But there are some things that stand out, such as sleep deprivation can cause more intense dreaming. I know for a fact that for some reason, I am sleep deprived. It could be my horrendous TMJ and jaw clenching at night, or my snoring husband. I can’t be sure, but I wake up almost every morning exhausted. Science says a “nightmare” can point to stress. Well, this is 2017, and if you aren’t stressed then you’re living in another era. I have nightmares every night, to the point where they no longer make me nervous.

Parts of me wonder if the Universe has given me the gift of strange and vivid dreams as a way of allowing me to tap into something. It’s been since childhood that I have been plagued by this, and I can only hope that there is some more important reason behind it. Is my Higher Self trying to teach me something? Is my subconscious deeply at work?


I would love for all of you to weigh in here on your thoughts, opinions, and experiences!

The Facets of Being Spiritual


What does being spiritual mean to you? Are you a spiritual being; or do you think you have too many of the “average person” traits to consider yourself that? Are you into the metaphysical or yoga but think that you’re “fake” because you have other sides to you that may seem superficial or petty? Maybe you feel the need to keep up a persona that isn’t fully you to attain a feeling of being spiritual. Maybe you don’t need to.

I feel like many people live in this mindset of wanting to be a spiritual person but also realize and understand that they have many other sides to themselves and think “Oh, well then that can’t be me and I can’t vibrate on a certain level because X drags me down.” Says who? Who says that you can’t love yoga, meditate with crystals, and also have a severe love of reality TV? Or that you like to balance your chakras as well as hit the casino on the weekends and have a social drink with your friends. Does one cancel out the other? No. It seems that many people think it does though.

I’ve noticed this floating around in the metaphysical community- this all or nothing sort of mindset that wants to guide your persona. I’m here to call bullshit (or wait, do spiritual people curse?). If you ask me, you cannot be truly spiritual unless you embrace all of those sides of you and are willing to be open and vulnerable about who you really are. You can’t claim to be “spiritual” but hide other sides of yourself. I think that your spiritual journey is about embracing all of those sides and showing them to others. Letting others see how absolutely real you are.

That’s what I am attempting to do, and if you follow my Instagram, maybe you’ve seen that. I love to show my crystals and my yoga practice but I am also ALL about opening up about my depression, or my other interests as well. I am completely open about how I just spent the weekend playing poker with my close friends and having a few beers. But, I also did my yoga practice this morning and plan to meditate in my yoga philosophy class this evening. Does that make me “fake”? I don’t think so- and if you do, then you may need to reflect on what being spiritual means to you. Because, if you ask me it’s all about being completely open, honest, real and vulnerable.

So go and pursue your yoga practice, and then show off your love for makeup and fashion. Go meditate with your crystals and be open about your love for sports or reality TV. You don’t need to hide any part of yourself to seem a certain way. If you do, you’re really just taking away from yourself and from others who may look up to you for inspiration. Be you.

Full Moon in Capricorn

moon+magic+banner+2.pngTake a nice deep inhale through the nose, open mouth exhale with a nice, long sigh. Again inhale through the nose, rounding the belly, big and beautiful. Travel the breath up through the lungs, to the top of the throat, and hold. And exhale alllllll the way down, bringing navel to spine. Now you’re ready for your Monday morning. Continue reading “Full Moon in Capricorn”

Making Friendships in a Superficial World


Chances are if you’re here reading this you’re a part of the metaphysical community, whether that’s expressed through crystals, yoga, card reading, or a combination of many things. Chances are if you’re a part of the metaphysical community, which is small in comparison to many other forms of communities, you have a sense that you are a bit different compared to others. Maybe you’re an empath, have had a spiritual awakening, or are on a spiritual path that has shifted your mind towards more important things than  the very self centered, materialistic world we live in. If you’re feeling different, and in turn that makes you feel a little bit lonely, keep reading because this is for you. Continue reading “Making Friendships in a Superficial World”