Spiritual Baths



Like many people, you probably enjoy taking a nice, luxurious, warm bath at the end of the evening. I know that I do! In fact, it’s one of my favorite daily activities, and if it doesn’t happen at least once a day, something feels off. But, how much thought and effort are you putting into these baths? Maybe you’re like me, and don’t add much effort at all. I  run my bath to the desired temperature, hop it, sit around for 15 minutes playing on my phone, hop out and that’s a wrap. So, what’s the point? Well, have you ever had a spiritual bath?

“Spiritual baths have been used by our ancestors as a connection with Spirit. The baths are used to cleanse your aura, or energy field, and that in turn will attract or manifest what one desires. They are also used to help remove or release blockages from one’s energy so that they can align themselves with the desires and plans of spirit (or one’s self),” instructs Free L’Amour from the company Let’s Get U.G.L.I. L’Amour is in the businesses of selling these wonderful spiritual baths with many different meanings an intentions behind each one, and she has firsthand knowledge of the usefulness of these cleansing spiritual baths.

1269224.large“The baths are like ‘self baptism’- when one submerges themselves in the water, I feel it is like us comping back home. Water is the element associated with the intuition, our emotions, our subconscious mind, and the Divine Feminine. When we enter the water, it helps us to relax. When you are in a state of relaxation, Spirit can then communicate to you while you are awake. In a state of relaxation, it is easier  to tap into our subconscious mind which can direct us, guide us, and show us how to manifest, release, attract, or remove,” L’Amour explains.

Recently L’Amour’s company sent me one of her bath kits- the Love Kit. This kit is useful for attracting love, loving oneself, or removing the blockages which allow us to love fully. Within it came two candles, a rose quartz, palo santo, and her beautiful bath mixture that was full of pink salts, sugars, herbs, oils and rose petals. I felt more loving just opening it all.

“The herbs, oils, and the salt color that have the energy for attracting love and/or releasing blockages that keep us from allowing love to flow to us. The benefits of using the bath are spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.  This bath helps us to balance mind, body and soul. Once aligned, then we become the magnets that we are to attract and manifest a life that we love.”

This takes our ordinary soothing bath to a whole new level physically, spiritually and emotionally. Physically our body is soothed by the oils that glide over our warm skin. Emotionally, our spirits are lifted from the earthy scents of the herbs, salts and rose petals. Spiritually, we are cleaned from the inside out allowing room for new and more meaningful things in our lives. We leave behind the plain bath of hot water and IPhone time, to a magical experience that transcends us higher and more into our intuition.

“Each Kit is prayed over under the power of the moon phases as I connect with the powerful energies and I direct those energies into each soul. It is like me touching in agreement with the person ordering and I know and fully believe that if ‘two or three agree’ we gain the intention is spirit (or the universe, or ourselves) immediately.”

If you want to try out one of I Am U.G.L.I’s kits, click here . There are many to choose from depending on the needs that you have right now. Add even more fun: Pick a few oracle cards before your bath like I did for something to meditate on!

Let me know in the comments about your bathing experiences, and if you enjoy spiritual baths.

Love & Light.


Oracle Cards



Are you looking for a little bit of inspiration, hope, and light to start your day?


I like to wake up each morning and pull an oracle card from any of my decks that call out to me, which in turn, sets up the kind day I will have and the affirmation and focus of my day. I, personally, have three decks that I like to alternate between, and depending on my mood or circumstances surrounding me, I choose which deck will work for me that day. So, you might be thinking to yourself, what is an oracle deck? An oracle deck differs from a tarot deck quite a bit. An oracle deck has a set theme, to which each card has an illustration and either an affirmation, goal, or diety/person of which to meditate on. An oracle deck can also take on the image of anything you want- you can purchase any sort of deck for whatever your beliefs are. There are angel decks, goddess decks, Hindu decks, Jesus decks, Medicine Wheel decks, animal spirit guide decks, to just name a few! So, there is something out there for everyone and anyone.

My Top 3 Favorite Decks:

  1. The Moon Deck- 

This was my first oracle deck, so I have a deep affection towards it. Whenever I post a photo from this deck on my Instagram, people want to know what deck it is and where it is from, so that is why it is first on this list. This deck has the inspiration of the moon, womanhood, sisterhood and sacred female circles. Each card has a whimsical watercolor, as well as beautiful affirmations that all women (and men!) can relate to such as “I shed habits that hinder my truth, I release and renew” and “I am on the right path, and divinely guided.” It comes with a beautiful guidebook, with descriptions for each card along with a ritual or mantra to practice for the card pulled. If you’d like to add it, you can also have a beautifully carved wooden box with the moon phases etched into it.

“The Elements: 

·       44 lovingly illustrated cards carrying potent mantras

·       Accompanying booklet of insights, lessons, and rituals tailored to each card

·       Handcrafted wooden box to store your new spellbinding tools

When used with intention, each card, mantra, and ritual works to unleash the magic within us all. If you feel called to know this power, we invite you to join our tribe and use this deck as a daily tool to help you look inward for the answers you seek.”


2.  Seeds of Shakti Oracle-


I am in love with the Seeds of Shakti Oracle Deck, from the beautiful images to the theme surrounding it. I pull from this deck many times a week. These cards come into two different themes, masculine and feminine, which are mixed together but denoted on the back in white or black. It comes with 52 cards, and with that many cards, I like to pull two or three for the day. I like to ask “What do I need to know for today?” or “What should I focus on this day?” and then pull the cards. These cards give me insight for what to focus on for daily growth and healing. The cards are absolutely gorgeous in color and art, with watercolor paintings on each card. There are a handful of themes mixed without, such as Hindu dieties, the moon phases, spirit animals and even some foods and drinks.  I also check the in depth guide book as well to elaborate on what the card’s affirmation says, and to get a deeper meaning of what I want to focus on.

3.  The Goddess Oracle by Doreen Virtue-

I know that this is a favorite amongst many of you, and it is also one of my favorites as well. The Goddess Oracle is in my top three, and I use it on a weekly basis. I love the connection to the many goddesses and women within the deck, which range from all backgrounds and religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Norse Mythology, Greek Mythology and more. Each Goddess has a message that pertain to what their philosophy is, and even of you aren’t a believer in their actual presence, the messages work for everyone and all have something meaningful and wonderful to instill. This deck, too, comes with a guidebook which gives you the background story of each Goddess, what they stand for, and what their message means and how it pertains to your life. This deck makes you really feel into your feminine energy, and connect to all the wonderful women who have come before you and have had something powerful to say in their lives/stories.


There are so, so many decks out there that can suit your individual needs and beliefs, and these are just my top 3 that I wanted to share with you all. These decks have spoken to me in a special way, and I allow them to guide me throughout my day and give me the inspiration to be a better person inside and out. Everyone can use a little inspiration each day, and thats exactly what Oracle Decks are designed to do. Let me know in the comments what your favorite oracle decks are, so I can check them out as well!

Small Business Segment

Native Holistics

My affinity with plants and nature has always been apart of me. In the last few years as the universe would have it a new journey has led me into studying a BHSc in Naturopathy, Reiki and Aromatherapy. I adore learning about mythology, botany, crystals, drawing and most of all manufacturing anything and everything!
A love of eating a whole food diet, predominately plant based which has led me into designing products that were compatible for everyone, vegan and non vegans.“- Hin Hemera, Owner of Native Holistics. Continue reading “Small Business Segment”

Muladhara: The Root Chakra


The chakras are spinning sources of energy consciousness within the body, located at places in the body that correspond with several central nerve bundles that branch out from the spinal cord. The word “chakra” means “wheel” in Sanskrit, and the chakras spin like wheels, some spinning fast and some slow. The chakras all correspondence with a different vibrant color, and each correspond with a different energetic function. When these chakras are in balance, the body, both physically and energetically, are in balance. When these chakras become out of balance, there are tell-tale signs that manifest both in our energetic body that build until they seep out into the physical body. Continue reading “Muladhara: The Root Chakra”

The Myths of Tarot



When you hear someone say the word “tarot,” what comes to mind? Usually dark, cloudy images, scary things. Coupled with superstitions, misguided thoughts and ideas, and myths, tarot has gotten a bad rap in many arenas. These myths and judgements are far from the basis of truth. I want to dispel some of these myths and misguided thoughts for you, if you’re nervous about dabbling into tarot or just curious about what it is. So, what is tarot, anyway? Tarot is an ancient art, which uses a pack of playing cards with symbols, where the reader  pulls the cards for the querent, or “one who seeks,” to answer his or her questions based on what the cards pulled represent. Yes, the cards are used for fortune-telling, but fortune telling may not be exactly what you think it is. Continue reading “The Myths of Tarot”

Tapping Into your Intuition (Hey Sigmund)



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